Things I Love Thursday: Happiness Is Carbonated Consciousness…

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, baby! Oh, it’s that time again: time to get our happy on!

This week has been all about putting the finishing touches on some long-standing projects, & the feeling of relief is fabulous. Now all that’s left is to send my work out into the world with the best of intentions. I always keep a bottle of fizzy rosé on hand, & tonight I’m going to pop the cork & sip happily!

When it comes to working maximum magic, you cannot do it alone. I am so blessed to have the support of my friends & family: regardless of how sparkly you are, no gal is an island! I sent a gorgeous floral arrangement to Shauna on Wednesday, just to say thank you… I used Portland-based florist Sammy’s Flowers & they were a huge — & beautiful! — hit.

In other news, I busted out my trusty old camera this week, & even though it’s a beast to lug around, I’ve been having a lot of fun practicing my extremely amateur photography skills!

Things I Love ThursdayI adore this very very pink Ganesha!

Things I Love Thursday

Speaking of pink, this weekend Rabbit & I went to The Strand to peruse the stacks. I ended up with these (the Jackie Collins is pure curiousity, I swear, plus the cover features the Miles Aldridge photo I have been obsessed with for years!), & I promise I didn’t mean for them to be so colour-coordinated! I started with Bad Girls Go Everywhere & definitely think I have found a new hero in Helen Gurley Brown…

Things I Love ThursdayNew author photo, for sure.

Things I Love ThursdayI loved these old covers — & the title!

Things I Love Thursday

After looking at old books, we couldn’t help ourselves from doing a spot of vintage shopping, too! My favourite vintage clothing store is an entire apartment filled with racks of beautiful old dresses, with magazine clippings — seen above — pegged to strings for inspiration.

Things I Love ThursdayBag treasures. What, you don’t use a hot pink grenade to hold your keys?!

“Happiness is power. Happiness is carbonated consciousness. It wants to spill out & radiate & be articulated.” (Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map)

So, I just read The Desire Map in one enraptured sitting, & it’s extremely gorgeous, & it has inspired me to look at life in a whole new way. Every friend I’ve seen for the past couple of weeks can attest that I’ve been talking about it non-stop: “Hey, so you know how you set goals, & live your life accordingly? What if you worked out how you wanted to feel & then recalibrated from there?!”

Suffice to say, it’s incredible, & if you’re feeling the call to dive deeper, you should.

If you’re wondering about the photograph at the top, the heart-shaped topaz ring is from Garnet Girl Designs, & I’m in love with it. I’ve been wearing it on my right hand, & it reminds me to feel gratitude & appreciation.

Love bubbles: Turning my hairdresser, Kristin, into a Gossip Girl obsessive, by forcing her to watch several episodes while she did my hair! Winning this enormous bag of baked treats at the Adopt NY event! Playing old kiwi favourites like Split Enz & The Exponents Meat pies from Tuck Shop — look, it’s cold, what else can I tell you? P.S. Best with tomato sauce (aka “ketchup”). P.P.S. The guy there was stacking our pies up before putting them in a paper bag & I said, “Hey, it’s the Leaning Tower of Pie-za!” Giggles aplenty. Did you see that The Blogcademy has a beautiful new website?! Hank in his new Thunder Shirt. (Whoah. He is so happy in it!) Gossip Girl vs New Girl Meeting readers in the street! Salacious stories spilled in Pret-A-Manger, while other customers pretend not to eavesdrop Delicious dates with Veronica Varlow Emily’s new scarf (SO CUTE) Our tree — I’m still obsessed Wearing my grey sequin shawl-collar cardigan pretty much every day (it’s — dare I say it — perfect) Compulsively browsing Etsy (I did an EIGHT HOUR STINT the other day, that is extreme!)

Have your written your Things I Love Thursday list yet? If not, whatcha waitin’ for?!

Love to you, ALWAYS,