Things I Love Thursday: Happy Ostara!

You Have To Love Yourself

Happy Ostara! I’m sitting in our living room, listening to some good beats, candles burning, dogs snoring beside me. I’m doing Haute Neptune at the moment, and feeling like I’m evolving really quickly. I learned a lot of lessons from this last Mercury retrograde — was it the same for you? It’s never easy, but hopefully you were able to grok some real insights into the true you. I definitely did!

There is so much going on at the moment: this weekend is my beloved’s birthday, and then, almost as soon as the birthday candle smoke has cleared, I’m hopping a plane to meet my Blogcademy babes in Portland. My oversized pink suitcase is giving me the eyeball, as if to say, ‘Saddle up girl, it’s time to ride!’

I’m really excited about exploring Portland for the first time, teaching two classes worth of geniuses, soaking up some sun in Los Angeles, and of course, taking Kat to Disneyland for her birthday! (Happiest place on Earth? YES!)

This spring has been slow to come to fruition; it snowed today, and the temperatures are still chillier than I’d like. Nothing is perfect, and we can focus on what we lack and the things that we’re dissatisfied with all day if we want to. But tonight, sitting here, I realise there is so much to be thankful for. There is so much to appreciate and be happy about. I hope you feel that way, too.

Little bits of happiness: Justin Timberlake’s new album! Mind-blowingly great! Hungry For Change (a totally genius documentary; it’s on Netflix!) Girl dates at Caravan of Dreams with Veronica Varlow, my sister When the moon looks like a big croissant! Mercury going direct, finally! 40th birthday parties, and getting really silly Dolly squirming around in bed Antipodean enthusiasm! (We can’t believe how quickly the Blogcademy tickets are selling down under!) Lots of new hip-hop for my eardrums Ticking items off my to-do list It’s my husband’s birthday this weekend! YAY! Sleeping to the sound of rain Starting the day with a big glass of green juice! Raw carrot cake (uh, YUM) Remembering that there is so much to learn and the universe is so much bigger than any of us…

What a hippie!