Things I Love Thursday: Hip Hip Hooray!

Things I Love ThursdayFred Perry windows in Soho.

Happy Thursday! It’s a gorgeous day in New York City: the sun is shining & I’m whipping my hair back & forth to a new mixtape I just made for you. In my head, I am a superstar DJ… Mixtape to come on Monday!

It’s funny how TILT (Things I Love Thursday) has evolved over the years. I went from writing bullet-points to full-on paragraphs, & now, since I’m using Instagram as a kind of visual diary, it’s easiest just to use my pictures to jog my memory! Do you use Instagram like that too?

I’ve had a lovely week, & I hope yours was spectacular! Here’s my (very visual!) TILT!

Things I Love ThursdayLingering in the park in the sunshine, drinking coffee with my husband,& obsessively photographing blossoms! I know they’ll be gone before long,so I’m making the most of it…

Things I Love ThursdayFantastically inspiring lunches with Emily Greener,whose organisation, I Am That Girl, you should TOTALLY check out!

Things I Love ThursdayEaster-coloured truffles (who could say no to Godiva?)& super-saturated psychedelic flowers at Dean & Deluca…

Things I Love ThursdayWalking around Soho with my husband on Sunday, laughing & getting caught in the rain,& getting my eternity band made! Now my rings don’t wiggle around on my finger!

Things I Love ThursdayMy new Adidas track jacket (America, eff yeah!)& my trainer stealing my sunglasses

Things I Love ThursdayCelebrating the launch of Molly Crabapple’s Week In Hell!It was a super-lovely evening with lots of old & new friends!

Some little things:

After asking my readers on Twitter & Facebook how they felt about aging — since I have received some questions about it recently — I discovered, while brushing my teeth, MY FIRST GREY HAIR! I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for the cosmic trip-up, universe!

Missing my out-of-town friends like whoah. But having top secret Skype conversations & making very exciting plans!

Learning the word CRAYLARIOUS from Agent Lover & realising I need to apply it every situation!

Hank EATING our cookie fortunes off the table! What a cheeky mongrel! For the record, mine said, “The rubber bands are heading in the right direction.” What does that mean?!

Mike winning 12 cents in the lottery. Hahah!

ALSO! Some of the most exciting news this week is that Android users can now join in with the Instagram madness! YES! Download it & add me: galadarling! I can’t wait to look at all your snapshots!

I love you! Start writing your gratitude list!