Things I Love Thursday: Holographic Polka-Dots & Drowning Mermaids!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy (Things I Love) Thursday! Oh GIRL/BOY… It’s been a long week, & I know you feel it too! (Can I blame the void Moon?!) My desk is COVERED with stuff — Alice In Wonderland bodysuits, glitter skulls, Playboy magazines from 1968 — & I have approximately 3 million projects on the go. Madness!

Even so, there’s still plenty to be delighted about. Here’s my little list of happiness this week!

Mad Men! WELL. Mike & I started at season one, episode one about a week & a half ago… & we’re halfway through season four right now. Talk about obsession! What a GREAT SHOW! We’re loving it, even though it gives us both mammoth amounts of anxiety. I feel like we watch half the episodes clutching at our hearts! But it’s so smart & beautifully styled… Betty Draper is my new sartorial icon! What a gal! If you, like me, are behind the times, I encourage you to check out the show. It is sooooooooo great!

New Zealand’s Next Top Model = my new favourite distraction. How I love you girls with your cute accents! (I have clearly spent too much time in America, ’cause NZ accents sound so odd & sweet & charming to me now!) Plus, everyone has been telling me that Arihana & I are practically twins, which I can kind of see but not really, but ANYWAY, I am on Team Arihana & I hope she wins!

Everything progressing as it should. In summary: life is awesome!

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Pink glitter nails with holographic polka-dots My cab driver listening to music which sounded like mermaids drowning Watching Miss USA — did you? & did you notice that Miss New Mexico — who I interviewed — won the fan vote online & got into the semi-finals?!!! Congratulations, Brittany! Hearing Aesop Rock at our favourite burger joint Partying with the Clean team Seeing my first firefly of the season! My new camera, the Nikon D5100 — I’m loving it! Marilyn Manson (he’s an oldie but a goodie) Magical Tuesdays Orchid pink silk trousers! Wearing a really big hat Lying in bed reading The Bunny Years: The Surprising Inside Story of the Playboy Clubs: The Women Who Worked as Bunnies & Where They Are Now… So interesting! Velvet headboards Counting down the days to Miami Mike, who is seriously the handsomest That’s a good place to end things!

Et toi? That’s right baby pop, it’s your turn!

Have a beautiful day!