Things I Love Thursday: Hot Pink Knickers & Radical Self Love!

Let me set the scene for you: I am curled up on the couch in the living room, legs crossed under me. Hank is lying next to me, & Dolly is sleeping next to him. A short reach away is the coffee table, which contains my smoothie for the morning, my cellphone, letters from Ty & Erica & my Filofax (open to today’s page). The snow cakes everything outside the window–we had over a foot of it last night. I’ve been working from the couch almost every day. When the weather is so ridiculous, I just want to be in cozy creativity mode!

Even so, I feel great this morning, & I am totally gearing up for February. It’s only 4 days away, & it will be GO-GO-GO-TIME! February is going to be BIG; can you feel it too? I can’t wait. January’s slowness & sleepiness has been good for my mental health, but I am always happiest when I have purpose & activities on the calendar!

I’m going to do an update about my progress with the Clean Program tomorrow, but in case you can’t wait (!), I wanted to let you know I am feeling so mentally clear & productive. If you’ve ever wanted to do a cleanse but were worried that it would be too difficult, I am here to dispel your fears! I cannot recommend the Clean Program highly enough. (More tomorrow!)

Things I Love Thursday

Mental clarity & mega-inspiration Drinking lots & lots of water Spending the weekend watching Invader Zim Being fed cashews in the bathtub Mermaid splashing & Creamy Candy bubblebars Buying hot pink underwear on a snowy day (lingerie was never part of my shopping detox plan!), & some sequinned knickers! “CritterCam” Handsome brown bears I’m going to be in the New Zealand Herald’s Canvas magazine this weekend! Planning for New York Fashion Week Overheard: “I dislike the food there so much, one time I hid it… in my underpants” Make-your-own-salad joints Sometimes by Erasure 23 days until Nubby & I get on a plane bound for Paris!!! Making plans with Nubby about taking much more frequent girl-trips Looking forward to the Radical Self Love Workshop on Monday! Getting distracted & making postcards (Still) obsessing over Pinterest (check out my want-y wishlist-y board; it makes me happy just looking at it!) Getting my roots done A very full-looking calendar Planning outfits in my head My boyfriend, the raddest Givenchy couture (AHHHH) Cut Copy Good black ink pens This insane bodysuit which I adore Travel obsession “I congratulate you for acknowledging my superiorityyyyy in choosing me as your LOVE-PIG!”

Things I Love Thursday ¡ Gir !

Gala: Hawaii or Vegas? I can’t decide!
Nubby: Vegas is closer. And there are weirder people. And bear suits. And tiger masks. Plus I want to visit The Cosmopolitan.
Gala: Oh yes! Maybe we should stay there. ‎”Book two nights and enjoy all you can eat and drink from your minibar for the length of your stay.” HAHA, SOLD.
Nubby: Done and done. All you had to say was… eat and… minibar.

Alright then, how about you? What is making your heart go doki-doki today? (A cute girl? Secret love letters? Snoring puppies? Baking cookies?) TELL US!