Things I Love Thursday: In The Pink!

Hearts in my eyes…

I have a huge crush on Ciara. She has THE BEST body. (Seriously. She is an incredible dancer, too.) She also works out for an hour, six days a week, & doesn’t eat salt. (Yeah… that’s less fun!)

Going out for secret sushi (yummy!) for Fumi’s birthday & being ambushed by snow as soon as we left! It was such a fun night.

Catch Me In Your Net manicures by OPI. It’s my “signature colour”, if you will–I almost always get the same thing, & I swear it is good luck! I am really excited about the Katy Perry for OPI collection, too, even though I can’t find it anywhere?!

Decadent, cozy dinners at Edi & The Wolf. You must go. I love it there!

Things I Love Thursday

Sparkling raspberry anything My Fujifilm Instax 25 (SUPER-RAD) Polka-dot Dr Martens Runaway by Kanye West Pink glitter leopard-print heart necklaces Rick Owens everything Playing on frozen swings with Chloe FreshDirect (who deliver groceries to my door when it is cold & I am feeling lazy) Hearing from Trevor Brown (!!!) Making hair plans for February Actually, making LOTS of plans for February! Tablet Plus! Pinterest (no joke) Hearing that my amazing friend Angel is ENGAGED! Chocolate Leverage smoothies from The Juice Press Buying tickets to Huey Lewis for Valentine’s Day! Finally seeing Black Swan (it was worth the wait–I know everyone is sick of hearing about it, but I really did love it) Concentrated cuddle time with Hank & Dolly Listening to NZ talkback radio (hahah) Meditating in the backseats of taxis America’s Next Top Model cycle 11–I never saw it, & I love it! The fact that my gym has a raw juice bar in it (too amazing) Going The Distance (it was pretty cute; can you tell it’s been too cold to go outside?) Working from bed Running around the city looking at penthouses (subtle form of torture) Drinking coconut smoothies while I work out Uniqlo’s HeatTech clothing (GENIUS & they really do keep you very warm) Doing really well on my no-shopping experiment! Psyching myself up for a cleanse, starting Monday (oh lawd!) Watching Spiderman movies Harassing Nubby with Paris plans (not to mention poor Olivier, the concierge at the hotel we’re staying at!) Sleeping in (after a week & a half of barely any sleep at all) Dolly sleeping on me ALL DAY!

Crazy HorsePhoto from Crazy Horse.

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