Things I Love Thursday: Kiss Attacks & Overgrown Buildings!

Things I Love ThursdayI love overgrown buildings! This one backs onto my favourite secret garden in the East Village.

Heureux jeudi! It’s overcast & grey but I’m listening to Tupac so I’m happy! I hope you’ve had a fun week. Mostly, I’ve been sitting at my desk trying to stretch my brain around various projects!

Yesterday at about 3pm, my mind completely put on the brakes, so I decided to leave the house & go on a walk. It was one of the first times in AGES that I’ve just gone for a walk without a chore, task or agenda, & it was fantastic! I decided I would say yes to everything that came my way, so I ended up befriending two men who own a gallery. They invited me to sit with them, & we talked about Dali & Banksy, & then some guy came in & started chatting about selling a $250,000 painting to Diddy… When I left, I went down a street I usually ignore & discovered a homewares shop full of taxidermied animals, including a baby zebra & a FLAMINGO! I have never seen a taxidermied flamingo in my entire life!

Anyway, my point is: leaving the house is awesome, & meeting new people even moreso. We should all do it more often!

Here are some pictures from my Instagram account… P.S. If you’re not following me yet, get on it! galadarling is my username, of course!

Things I Love ThursdayThe sparkly helmet brigade on Saturday (can you pick which one is mine?!); Rainbow’s radical self love tattoo (!!!!!!!); new Tarina Tarantino beautiful but deadly ring; a snapshot of my outfit yesterday (leopard coat, white shirt embroidered with bugs worn tied at the waist, pink metallic skirt)!

Things I Love ThursdayI love these flowers! Spring makes me realise how colourless winter really is. Makes me want to move to the Bahamas or something! Isn’t this pitbull puppy cute? Her name is Lily, & she was rescued by our friends last week.

Things I Love ThursdayDolly is AMOROUS!

Things I Love Thursday

This tweet Obsessing over weird celebrity couples from the 90s Finding money in my pocket! (It was only $2, but it’s $2 I didn’t have before!) Fantastic dinners with Shae, my LOVE! Counting up my training sessions & realising I have done over 225 OF THEM OH MY GOD Mike & his refusal to say “pain au chocolat” — to him, it’s a “chocolate pocket” Okay another mention for my husband: he made a sign about food theft for his work which made me laugh for 10 solid minutes Bee Sting pizzas at Roberta’s! Trying on military hats at Stella Dallas Bringing back the phonecall! Remember when you used to hang upside down on your bed & talk on the phone until your ear would sweat? The amazing response to my TEDxCMU talk — thank you, thank you, thank you! My Boy Scout shirt! Me: Dolly is an oracle! Mike: The Oracle says, “Pick up my poo!” Working out with my new trainer …& giving love advice to the trainer I’ve been seeing for two years! Creating new vision boards Magazine shops, loooooove Looking forward to seeing KAT soon! Sending Nubby a million emails & harassing her mercilessly Chocolate Leverage smoothies from The Juice Press: it’s like the elixir of life, I swear Deciding to work a lunchtime walk into my daily routine — good for the brain, even better for the digestion! Getting the video from my spot on Good Morning! Resolving to wear more hats Teaching EFT over the phone to my friend who was anxious about doing some public speaking… This morning she told me she NAILED the speech & that the tapping totally worked! Yes!!! Eating the same thing for lunch everyday (I am a creature of habit, it’s true) Bras with sequins & crystals on them Enthusiasm Can I mention my husband again?!

What are you grateful for today?