Things I Love Thursday: Life Is Delicious!

Things I Love ThursdayWho else could capture this kind of ridiculousness but Lisa Devlin?!

I’m back, & breaking my radio silence to do a little gratitude! Hooray! I’ve been on the mend all week, slowly but surely building myself back up to full strength (& maximum evil!).

My cough has died down to a low rumble, & I am feeling like my old self again. Jolly good! Just in time to do a big push on everything I want to have squared away by January 1st. We have a month left to tie up all those loose ends — think you can make it happen? (I know you can!)

One of my recent highlights was my magical date with Veronica Varlow. We met at one of my favourite restaurants, Edi & the Wolf, to discuss magic & sovereignty! I am so, so happy to have her in my life. You know how sometimes you meet people & your minds just click together? She is one of those babes.

It’s moments like those that make me glad to be in New York City; it really is full of the most fascinating people…

Things I Love ThursdayDolly sure is cute in a pair of Crown & Glory ears! It’s starting to look really festive uptown… & I had a fabulous, magical dinner with Veronica Varlow last week!

Things I Love ThursdayStripes & love & oversized ornaments & chalkboard messages…

Lovely lovely love love: Heading uptown to see the lights & general Christmas-ness of it all! (& drinking a hot chocolate from Godiva while I gawked!) MAC Cosmetics’ Christmas gift sets (they’re always so cute & this year is no exception) Enjoying my Mercury retrograde nostalgia mixtape way too much! Spending lots of time reading: I always buy used books from Amazon for like, $2 a pop, & I’ve really been plowing through them recently. I had forgotten just how wonderful it is to sit down & curl up with something brilliant! Taking advantage of Mercury retrograde energies to edit a big project Daytime napping with the puppies Getting a little bit obsessive over jewellery on Etsy Mike’s cooking: THE BEST Writing never-ending lists Mercury retrograde is OVER! Silly xoJane editorial meetings The fact that my desk is totally COVERED with beauty products of every possible type! Phonecalls with Rabbit (very 90’s) Purple discoball glitter nails Impromptu coffee dates with Kimsee? Opening a door to see Diane Von Furstenberg on the other side! (I said, “Hi!” She said, “Hello!” That was the extent of our interaction, but it was pretty fabulous either way.) Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map: it’s an (expletive!) revelation! (Can’t wait to tell you more about this!) Riding in a cab with a pair of American Apparel knickers in the backseat — okay, I didn’t really love this, but it made me laugh! My husband, who, the other morning, put on Suicidal Tendencies, looked at me & very earnestly asked, “Do you feel like thrashing?” An email from my youngest reader (I think!): she is twelve & a quarter! George Michael, always Marilyn Manson’s new(ish) album, Born Villain Seeing my name in the acknowledgments of Dame Darcy’s new book, Handbook for Hot Witches (!!!) Dolly when she wears her little sweater on cold morning walks. AWWWW!

I hope you have something lovely planned for the weekend. I have an enormous stack of books to work my way through, & some projects I want to put the finishing touches on. Add a brunch or two & some strong coffee into the mix, & it sounds like a little slice of heaven to me… !

By the way, it has been such a huge success that I am extending my Love & Sequins super-special sale through to the end of the week! If you haven’t done it yet, snap up a little sparkle! These girls did & loved it! (You might, too!)

Je t’adore!