Things I Love Thursday: Life Isn’t Tragic…

Things I Love Thursday

It finally feels like summer, and that’s reason enough to be grateful, I think!

This morning I went for a walk down to Soho and back across the Lower East Side, and there were so many fantastic things to see: leafy shaded streets, bizarrely thought-provoking art, and killer outfits among them. That’s not to even mention the energy running through the streets — just being amongst it all is good for my brain.

It’s so vital to leave the house and have different experiences! I felt like I hadn’t walked around Soho in months, and maybe that’s true. I did my best to indulge all my senses: in Lush, I sniffed all of their new perfumes, dotting fragrant droplets onto my skin. I ended up swooning over 25:43 (vanilla and tonka bean, so good) and Imogen Rose.

If you’re feeling irritated, bored, frustrated, or any combination of the three, just grab your handbag and head outside. Go and see something different. It will remind you that life doesn’t suck… And then, when you get back, get stuck into tackling whatever your problems are.

Oh, and hey! I’m hosting a Hanazuki Dreamscapes Sweepstakes (try saying that three times fast!) content over on Pinterest. Come and play!

J’adore… Memorial Day: vegan lavender ice-cream, short skirts, sunburnt shoulders and a late afternoon nap Behind The Candelabra… How fantastic was that?! Dreaming I was putting a contact lens into my third eye Dolly wagging her tail when she dreams (what is she imagining?!) Eye-opening books (and trading in late-night TV watching for reading, instead… So much happier!) The little old man I saw blasting Jay-Z from his mobility scooter Iced soy chai — definitely a highlight of summer Seeing everything pink as a “sign” Clean teeth! Rachel Rabbit White Sequins (magpie for life) Raiding my storage unit for summer clothes… The perils of a New York-sized closet!

“You do not exist to serve the illusion. The illusion exists to serve you.” (Lauren Zimmerman)

Love you,