Things I Love Thursday: London Calling!

Things I Love Thursday

Tally-ho from London! Hooray, I made it! Freezing rain, a plane covered in snow & a bone-rattling case of turbulence couldn’t keep me from Mother Britain!

I got in on Wednesday, shrieked delightedly with Kat, & we promptly ran to Tescos to prepare some midnight snacks. While there, Kat dropped an entire container of mushroom soup — adequately sploshing her boots — & I cried laughing when she said, “Clean-up on Aisle 3!”

Back at the apartment, I dropped a hot bowl of soup when I pulled it out of the microwave… That was our second soup incident. & when I tried to heat some garlic ciabatta, smoke started POURING out of the oven. I had to climb up on the kitchen counter & hold a bowl over the smoke detector while we opened every door in the entire place!

The next morning I woke up early, threw on my neon pink kicks & worked out. What a nerd, & won’t my trainer be proud?! Shauna arrived soon after, & the first thing we did was buy Oyster cards & make our way to Oxford Circus! We walked until our feet bled (well, almost), gawking at the Selfridges shoe gallery, running in & out of the multicoloured changing rooms at Topshop, & power-nomming at Busaba.

It’s seriously exciting to be here with my two Blogcademy babes, having a two week slumber party & laughing non-stop! Last night we cuddled up on an immense couch & worked out our dates for the rest of the year, while simultaneously staring at a map of the world. It’s going to be a pretty amazing year… We can’t wait!

Things I Love ThursdaySelfridges shoe hall is the stuff dreams are made of!

So much lurve! Falling in love with — & buying — the same shoes as Shauna The very friendly British man on the tube who liked our pink handbags (again with the unintentional matching) Frozen canals Watching the snow fall Horrifying television shows Fossicking through The Blogcademy goodie bags! Making a pact to never ever try to use an oven again Shauna mishearing “Buckingham Palace” as “Popcorn Palace”! Liberty’s hats & stationery Our Blogcademy secret group is awash with excited undergraduates! Being together again! AHHHH!

I’m listening to Kat munch toast & I couldn’t be happier,