Things I Love Thursday: Loungin’!

Things I Love ThursdayLoungin’… Just like LL Cool J! Photos by Made U Look, aka MY FAVOURITES!

So much has happened since my last Things I Love Thursday column! It’s fantastic: it feels like people are done with summer vacation mode, & now everyone wants action action action! Suits me just fine, & so I now have a few new projects in the works which I am REALLY excited about! I will share more as soon as I’m allowed to… !

In other news, I’ve been taking my own advice & writing gratitude lists in my pink Moleskine every morning. All I can say is… WOW. This extremely simple act, which only takes a few minutes, has been completely transforming my day. All you need is some paper & a pen, & make it the first thing you do when you roll out of bed. It really sets you up to have an incredible day. In fact, I sincerely believe that generating so much positivity in the morning is helping attract even more loveliness into my life.

Things I Love ThursdayThis was my first apartment in New York City! I loved it there. I’m a major fan of these sweet stickers from Pink Olive!

Things I Love ThursdayThis painting on the side of a container is life-size & absolutely amazing! This church is across the road from aforementioned first apartment. I would hear the bells ringing all day long.

Things I Love ThursdayMy new favourite thing: homemade iced coffee with almond milk, a little bit of agave, & skull-shaped ice-cubes! Delicious! Also, gratitude lists in action!

Random happiness: My new favourite word is PLUNDERPHONICS. How good is that?! A friend of mine asked for suggestions of a new pseudonym the other day; I offered Honeysuckle Von Earthling. Sadly, I don’t think she’s going to use it, so if you need a fake name… It’s all yours! Nubby & I got all our pictures from Santa Monica yesterday, as you can see up the top… The excitement is palpable & it’s written all over my face! I am COMPLETELY in love with this Kelly Wearstler pink leather jacket Girl breakfast dates with Rabbit & Autumn! It was fab. I love spending time with smart, sexy women! Iced green tea with lavender & chamomile Crazy muscle-aches from equally crazy workouts Easy, efficient, friendly experiences at government offices! (AMAZING) Sitting in a garden, writing Messages from Francesca Lia Block (I am a fangirl forever) James Brown as morning music Visiting enormous Buddhist temples in the middle of the city Sunday afternoon yoga Excitement! Anticipation! Gratitude!

…So, what are you smiling about today? Make a list, girl, & check it twice!