Things I Love Thursday: Make It Funky!

Things I Love Thursday

I have to admit: being without Kat this week has made things a little bit less colourful. Yes, it’s sad but true, she flew back to the United Kingdom at the crack of dawn on Monday, & New York City just isn’t the same without her!


But life goes on, doesn’t it, & while I miss roaming around the city until our feet were bleeding & our brains went into remission, I have actually had an extremely productive week! For those of you in the middle of a huge project, always remember that stepping AWAY from it is often more helpful than chaining yourself to your desk… You have permission to take a break & refuel your spirit! Preferably in fantastic shoes!

Things I Love Thursday: Make It Funky!Wedges from Aldo, Jeffrey Campbell foxy spikes c/o Solestruck! (I want them in black now too…)

Here are some things I’ve been LOVING, ADORING & SWOONING OVER in the last couple of weeks!

Revlon Lip Butter in PEACH PARFAIT (the perfect pigment for a pretty pout!) …Alliteration Wearing a walloping stack of bangles on my right arm Working outside in my favourite secret garden Making real & true progress with a couple of big projects! Being sartorially re-inspired Looking at old photos & boggling Radical Self Love cupcakes! Taking heed of Parkinson’s Law — the amount of time you have to perform a task denotes the time it will take you to perform that task! — & having an insanely productive day as a result Eating burgers with Steve Gerrard & Lara Jade (I have been a not-so-secret fan of years for YEARS & she is so lovely in person!) Central Park Zoo Meetings in big, airy offices Dark Shadows (& a crazy audience) Late-night trips to Max Brenner for thick Italian milk chocolate drinks Hotel research (always!) Running all over the city with the girls from Made U Look Photography! Kat & I are dying to see the results & we had such a fun day with Christina, Alie & Marielle! The Cure’s greatest hits Satisfying noodles… Watching old favourite movies from my childhood (Addams Family & Addams Family Values, to be exact!) Wearing motorcycle boots with yoga leggings Grilled salmon sushi Holding a plank for a minute! The Big Gay Ice-Cream Shop Sunshine!

Things I Love Thursday: Make It Funky!Really, this is all about the bedazzled Kitchenaid… Wouldn’t you agree? We discovered it in Georgetown Cupcakes & it was too irresistible not to photograph!

Things I Love Thursday: Make It Funky!My desk yesterday morning; I adore this Kate Spade bag (& it seriously becomes my entire office on a beautiful spring day!); this flyer made me grin; & Kat & I from behind!

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Have an incredible day… & remember to take a moment to think about the wonderful things in your life. There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle. (Einstein said that, so it must be true!)

P.S. In honour of the title of this post, here’s your Thursday soundtrack!