Things I Love Thursday: Midwest Madness!

Greetings from Chicago! Kat, Shauna and I are sitting in ghost chairs around a big steel table, listening to a 1990s hip-hop playlist and drinking juice. (Green juice, not gin and juice. Sorry, Snoop.) Shauna is quizzing us about all the members of Bone Thugs N Harmony. Something like this always happens when we’re together!

After a few days exploring the colour, culture, and fantastic food of San Francisco, we taught our first Blogcademy class of the year at Makeshift Society. It was an absolutely stonking success, and there couldn’t have been a better way to start the year! (Details to come!) We flew to Chicago on Monday afternoon, totally unprepared for what was awaiting us: thunderstorms and flash floods, so dramatic that our plane sat immobile on the runway for two hours! Phew!

Chicago has been good to us so far, though. From tasty dinners to jumping at the Bean, it has been a fun and uplifting little jaunt. We’re feeling all refreshed and ready to teach another class here this weekend. Want to come along?!


I snapped up these sunglasses for a paltry $8.99 at Buffalo Exchange on Valencia. I’m smitten!

It’s a never-ending lovefest… Introducing Shauna to The Craft (somehow, she had never seen it…) Discovering a 2-for-1 pizza place Pink blossoms on street corners Crazy pink pom-pom skirts Lavender lemonade FOREVS! Reading the history of Transylvania A girl approaching us in Native Foods and exclaiming, “You’re from the internet!” Meeting lots of lovely readers in both San Francisco and Chicago (awwww) Watching Bring It On and trying to perform the cheers at the same time Kat’s excellent cooking: salmon and green vegetables, so good! A cropped black hoodie, perfect for cool temperatures “Mmmmhmmm, that’s right!” Taking silly quizzes, for example, which Tori Amos song are you? Dancing to Bobby Brown so hard that I made all the plates and cutlery rattle BITE lipstick in Violet (Kat and I have been wearing it every day) Talking to a grandma at Chicago airport, and telling her we were an international girl gang. (She asked if she could join. Of course, I said yes!) Booking all our flights for the year! Canada, Australia, Europe, here we come! Our beautiful haunted mansion in San Francisco Delicious green juice Being immensely windswept in SF!

The sun just came out, so I think we’re going to go on a little lunchtime adventure… What are you loving this week?