Things I Love Thursday: Miss Muck!

Things I Love Thursday

Bonjour from 35,000 feet! I’m heading to San Francisco for a really fun event, but of course, gratitude doesn’t grind to a halt simply because you’re in the sky! In fact, I think you’d be a bit crazy to NOT feel more elated & enthusiastic about life when you’re soaring above the clouds!

Call me nutty, but travelling takes on a totally different vibe once you’re married. I used to just book a ticket & hop a flight at a moment’s notice, but these days, it’s not that easy! It’s almost impossible to tear myself away from my husband & our dogs, the latter of whom whine & cry & have minor meltdowns whenever I bust out my hot pink suitcase. In some ways, it makes the travelling sweeter, because you know you’re missed. But since this is the last trip I’m going to be taking for a while — there is way too much going on in NYC for me to leave! — I am determined to make the most of this (very mini) vacation!

Now, without further ado, here are some little highlights from my week!

Things I Love ThursdayMy new favourite lipstick is definitely Miss Muck by BANG! Cosmetics! Crazy, right?! Also, this is my current manicure. Very twisted easter egg, don’t you think?

Things I Love ThursdayI had a blast at the Magnum & Alice + Olivia shoot on Monday evening. Karen & I did our very best neo-flapper impression… & I was even permitted (nay, ENCOURAGED!) to jump on a very fancy bed at The Carlyle!

Things I Love Thursday

Meeting Stacey Bendet from Alice + Olivia! I have been not-so-secretly obsessing over her Instagram for aaaages… Fiona Apple’s new album, The Idler Wheel… Damn, it’s good, & totally worth the wait I’m a hot knife, I’m a hot knife Getting dressed up & going out for a celebratory birthday dinner with Mike, Fumi & Asami (birthday girl!) Hot pink cashmere sweaters & sparkly bracelets Visiting the babes at my favourite vintage clothing store in NYC Delightedly riding my bicycle around the East Village in an electric coral pleated skirt & a pair of Hasbeens! Grilled chicken salad at Bob White Sneak peeks from Christina, Marielle & Alie (some of my favourite Californians!) Talking about summer camp with Nubby Gearing up for a big big big July Looking forward to the Governor’s Ball! Puppy cuteness …& last but not least, I’m really excited about going to San Francisco, & getting to hang out with a bunch of bloggers while I’m there!

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