Things I Love Thursday: Motorcycles & Mega-Lashes!

Things I Love ThursdayIllustration by BEI BADGIRL.

Filming with TVNZ! I spent the majority of Thursday & Friday filming with Tim Wilson & Douglas, a cameraman. It was so funny, I forgot how truly vulgar Kiwis can be!

We had a great time, from getting dressed up at Patricia Field, to frolicking with Molly Crabapple, to “blogging” in Times Square. We were filming for a segment on a current affairs show in New Zealand, which is so exciting! We still have some more filming to do, but I will let you know the date it airs as soon as I can!

Getting back on the motorcycle! On Monday evening, I climbed back into my jeans (for the first time since, um, when I was on the motorcycle last — September?!), took my pink sparkly metalflake helmet down from the shelf, & went for a ride with Mike.

It was so much fun! In summer, the motorcycle is our transportation of choice, & we ride all over New York (& sometimes New Jersey or Connecticut) in search of adventure. Now that the weather has improved, we’re going to be all about it… !

Ring Dings! Mike was shocked, awed & horrified to his American core upon learning that I had never eaten a Twinkie — so of course, finding & devouring Twinkies became the mission of the day. Maybe Twinkies are losing popularity, because we had to go to THREE different places to find them!

Sadly, when I took a bite, I made a face & gave him the rest. Sponge cake with fake cream? Gross! However… We also picked up a box of Ring Dings, & I gobbled them up in about a day. Sponge cake with fake cream & CHOCOLATE COATING?! SO GOOD!

Things I Love Thursday

Eyelash extensions from Lash Boutique! I had the greatest experience with Cheri yesterday! Can you believe the only difference between the pictures above is eyelash extensions?! No mascara, no eyeliner… Nothing!

They’re so glamorous, & she did the BEST job. I am absolutely delighted. When I woke up this morning, I felt like Elizabeth Taylor. Epic.

By the way, if you go to see her — & you should, you little minx! — mention my name! She’ll take $50 off the price!

Loving Taza! (& finding inspiration anywhere I can get it.) I never expected to get hooked on this Mormon mommy — I’ve never been to Utah & I never want children — but I adore her blog! It’s the positivity I like best. It’s like a delicious burst of freshness in a grumpy blogosphere! I you Taza!

Things I Love Thursday

Vignette!!! After seeing oodles of cute photos from iPhone owners fiddling with Instamatic, I decided to see if there was anything similar for the Android. (I have a Droid Incredible & I love it.) Success! Vignette! As you can see from the shots above, I’ve been playing with it non-stop, & I love it.

Things I Love Thursday

Getting a direct message from MISSY ELLIOTT Mid-afternoon cocktails with Leilani Finding out that someone named their daughter after me! (AMAZING!) Blueprint’s Adventures In Counter-Culture! Dark chocolate ginger (obsessed, always) Looking forward to seeing/hearing Al perform So Alive in person! Easter egg manicures! Helios I love tickling under Hank’s chin & on his back at the same time. One leg slides out from under him, he starts leaning over, & then falls 😀 “Nuggets in the orbit” Gary Busey — he is so delightfully bizarre Sales at Betsey Johnson! Keri Hilson’s No Boys Allowed Looking forward to my trapeze class this afternoon !!! The Antonio Treatment Dubstep & inbox armageddon! (Otherwise known as, replying to much delayed emails!) Remembering to take my vitamins Good tequila Introducing Mike to lamingtons Discussing the fact that ‘Lamington’ would make a great name for a dog… or an axolotyl Fake In-N-Out Burger Warmer weather Walking around taking pictures of flowers “Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love!” Life Is… (Too good, I’ve had it on repeat) Excitement about big meetings next week Postcards! (Thanks Sri & Shabby!) Feeling blessed & loving life…

What are you loving this week? Make it a biggie, since we missed it last Thursday!

Things I Love ThursdayIllustration by The Notebook Doodles.