Things I Love Thursday: My Birthday!

Happy birthday!

It’s my birthday! Hooray! I’m 29 today. (Too old for ears? NEVER!)

Right now I’m listening to Paris Hilton’s Paris album — seriously underrated, & definitely good time music! — & getting ready for my day. I’m not having a party this year (for the first time in ages); instead, I’m spending the night with my family, taking some time to think about how very blessed I am, & be thankful.

In some ways, I think Facebook is silly… But in others, it’s amazing. I have received hundreds of birthday wishes from all kinds of people, & it touches my heart. The best thing is seeing the names of women who I have been communicating with online for YEARS. It means so much to me that you are still here with me on this journey, still reading, & still interested.

I love you so much more than you could possibly imagine!

Happy birthday!Is it too early to crack this open?! Truth time: I have multiple bottles of sparkling pink wine in my fridge.

Happy birthday!Sometimes I kiss paper; I also gave all my glitter skulls new headgear last weekend (as part of a massive office purge); Dolly & I at the vet (she is fine!); & some fabulous Goddess Lashes!

Happy birthday!Fashion’s Night Out at Swarovski was a LOT of fun. I need a sparkle couch just like that! It felt like my natural habitat. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, it was amazing to meet you! (Especially you, Rachel!)

Happy birthday!The East Village is so beautiful on a clear crisp day (& Veniero’s is definite favourite!). See also: Angel & I with happy raspberry lips; The Beauty Pill; & my look for the alice + olivia presentation!

Things I Love Thursday

Dressed like a demented disco ball bunny for Fashion’s Night Out Warm chocolate bread pudding from Dessert Truck (OMG) Hooded dresses Midnight phone conversations Bright pink lipstick Looking forward to visiting New Orleans with my babe on Tuesday! My best friend from high school telling me she is coming to NYC in May for THREE MONTHS! Watching Celebrity Rehab (weird, I know, but Heidi Fleiss is infinitely fascinating to me!) Hot chocolate with Jess Wandering around the Highline — it’s glorious, I can’t believe it took me so long to go! Wearing leather bunny ears & a sequin backpack in Chelsea Taking polaroids with Adam Putting aforementioned ears on Emily (CUTIE) Lovely crisp mornings Talking Kat, Nubby & Lisa into going to Burning Man… HA! Making plans with Sandra (I have loved her blog for such a long time!) Neon pink knickers Striped cropped sweaters Eating Mexican food in a park Sparkling rosé Obsessing over Jonathan Adler couches Counting down the days to The Blogcademy! Bejewelled sunglasses Putting together my new style direction Sequins in water My husband, Hank & Dolly, & all the people I am privileged enough to call my friends!

Have a fantastic day… You are beautiful!