Things I Love Thursday: My Cookie Monster Rug!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! I’m sitting on a blue rug in our living room that reminds me of Cookie Monster fur (it’s so funny, I love it!) & doting on my co-workers (Hank & Dolly). Ha! If only. I wish I could pay Hank to answer my email! He would probably just respond to everything saying he’d like a cookie!

It’s been a busy week: on Monday we launched the Blogcademy & sold half the spaces in under 24 hours! To say that we are excited & overwhelmed by the response is a major understatement. We are so thrilled to be able to meet so many of you in two months’ time, to sit with you & teach you everything we know about the wild, weird world of blogging! (P.S. If you haven’t reserved your seat yet, I would recommend doing it sooner rather than later! Additionally, if you’d love to come along but you can’t swing the finances, you can apply for our scholarship!)

I’ve spent plenty of time at the xoJane offices too, running around & giggling like a loon. Last night I went out to dinner with Nicole — who I met last week — & Theo Kogan, who I worshipped as a teenager! (Theo was in Lunachicks!) These days, Theo is the beautiful genius behind Armour Beauty, who make the most gorgeous lip glosses. I got a sneak peek at some new colours last night & you will FLIP when you see them! So fabulous!

One of the major reasons this week has been amazing is that I read Eat That Frog & applied some of the lessons to my life. The result? I put the finishing touches on a project that has SERIOUSLY been loitering in the wings for a YEAR. It is such an incredible relief & I am totally ready for phase two!

By the way, last week, I was invited to see Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel. It was sublime, divine, mahhhhhvellous. Diana Vreeland is pretty much my favourite person from history ever, so to see an entire feature-length film about her was an incredible thrill. We’re not allowed to review it until it comes out (on September 21st) so I have to keep mum, but put it in your calendar, badger your local independent cinema to show it, & please ENJOY!

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Psychedelic doilie fingernails Texts from my parents livin’ large in Las Vegas (so jealous!) Excellent Skype sessions with my #1 Aussie babe, Jess Making a list of awesome Americanisms, like, “Kiss my grits!” Potentially cutting my bangs too short but EMBRACING it! Reading The Real L Word recaps over at Autostraddle — so, so funny Having dance parties by way of celebration Sea salt chocolate anything, but especially cupcakes, even though I know they’re played out… They are still delicious, so there! Missy Elliott Getting massages & afterwards feeling like your head is a helium balloon bobbing around on the end of a string Seeing my long-lost friend from Australia — does anyone remember AUDREY?! — & taking him out for dinner & drinks! So much fun! Really beautiful weather all week long Pacifica Island Vanilla EVERYTHING (I have their body wash & I just had to get the perfume & reed scent diffuser, too!) Deep-clean facials at Mario Badescu (so dreamy!) Matching with Madeline Really looking forward to seeing Nubby & Kat in two months time! New Orleans anticipation! (Jess & I are taking a trip there the week after my birthday!) Is it really nerdy to be looking forward to a new season of New Girl?! Hanging out with Jane’s daughter Charlotte… She is the cutest! Writing Emily Post-It Notes about her sultry gothness Napping… Always napping Googling all my weird dreams!