Things I Love Thursday: “My House Is A Former Sequin Factory” Edition!

Things I Love Thursday

It’s a beautiful day in New York City! Today is going to be a good one — Taza says so, & I feel it in my bones, too! I have a big meeting this afternoon, maybe the most exciting meeting I’ve ever taken, & I can’t wait to let you know more about it as it unfolds… !

Between today & the next Things I Love Thursday, I’m going to plonk down a deposit on a bicycle I’ve had my eye on, have yet another exciting meeting, do a little shopping, have a tea party with Rabbit, & see Atmosphere, Blueprint, Grieves & Budo play at Terminal 5! Sounds like the perfect week to me.

What could you add to your week to make it more enjoyable & fun? A picnic? A long yoga class? A stack of books from the library & a cozy armchair? Well then… You know what you have to do!

Things I Love Thursday

Finding the bicycle of my dreams! Impromptu band performances in parks Big boxes of clothes from Wildfox Couture! SPOILED!!! Finding out that my favourite juice shop is opening a location EVEN CLOSER to my house! Looking forward to Mercury retrograde being over Mike: “Do you like my crip-walk, babe?! See, I’ve got moves! I can pull shapes!” Mike’s rapping skills (pretty endearing) Chocolate smoothies for breakfast Doing another summer inspiration board! Lucky nailpolish Lavender pedicures! Gala: What do you love this Thursday? Mike: You, Hank, Dolly, combustion engines, gasoline… Walking the dogs with flowers blooming all around us Surprises from Lauren Moffatt (!!!) Being inspired by Yoko Ono, Betsey Johnson & Hunter S. Thompson Dark chocolate ginger (this has been a constant on my TiLT lists since I started them!) Rainbow-striped bras Hanging my favourite clothes on my curtain-rail so I can see them all the time Looking forward to dressing up for Easter This quote on one of my inspiration boards: “My house is a former sequin factory that we’ve furnished with objects picked up on our travels”… HOW delicious! Having tabs about bicycles open in my browser ALL WEEK A head swimming with ideas, plots & plans Pink sugar skull hair-clips! My old military shirt which has MAKE LOVE NOT WAR painted on the back (it goes with everything!) Writing my “summer to do” list Eating from the elimination diet again (I feel so much better & it’s only been a few days) Bloomers! This letter from Iggy Pop to a fan (bless) & this quote, which I have used before, but continue to love…

“Walk tall, kick ass, learn to speak Arabic, love music & never forget that you come from a long line of truth-seekers, lovers & warriors.” (Hunter S. Thompson)

What made you smile this week? What are you looking forward to & what are you working on that makes your heart race? Let us know, bunnyheart!

Image: Miles Aldridge.