Things I Love Thursday: Notes From The Antipodes!

Palihouse HollowayPalihouse Holloway.

There’s nothing like spending two years overseas to make you appreciate New Zealand. I flew into Auckland from Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, & have been absolutely non-stop ever since. I’m here as a guest of Tourism NZ & they’ve really rolled out the red carpet for our group. Front row at New Zealand Fashion Week, helicopter rides, vineyards, greenstone massages… Honestly, it has been incredible & it’s only been two days! I’ve been writing about it in my diary & will do a big guide to New Zealand here in the next couple of weeks!

Other than my (incredible, mind-boggling) treatment in New Zealand, I’m also loving…

Mike, Hank & Dolly — I miss them a lot. I look at photos of them all the time to help quell the longing, but I think it just makes it worse! Really big, comfortable beds Getting to see old friends! Meeting new friends, too! My favourite sushi place in Auckland still exists! (Their tuna rolls taste exactly the same, too. HAPPY PLACE!) Really good soup~ Fluffy pillows The really cute drug-sniffing beagle they had at the airport (I am clearly dog-deprived!) Our wedding video (it makes me so happy to look at it!) Polka-dot bathrooms Obsessively taking Fujifilm Instax pictures Looking forward to going to Wellington tomorrow! …& Nelson on Monday! …& Christchurch on Wednesday! …& then back to Wellington to celebrate Jennie’s birthday! …& back to NYC to celebrate my birthday on the 13th, Molly’s too, & Nubby’s on the 14th! (VIRGO POWER!)

Helicopter chic!Helicopter chic… I could get used to this!

Going to the WORLD show tonight… My final & most hotly-anticipated show of New Zealand Fashion Week. (Love me a bit of WORLD!) Even better, they’re filming the finale of New Zealand’s Next Top Model there! So excited! Fangirl forever!

Hope you’re having an amazing week…