Things I Love Thursday: Oh, Canada!

Greetings from beautiful Vancouver! More specifically, Vancouver airport! We’ve been in town for a week, and today we’re heading to Calgary. The area we’re staying in seems pretty lively, and I’m excited to do some exploring!

The highlight of my time in Vancouver? It’s hard to say. Probably a cross between dinner with Danielle LaPorte at Nuba, the waffles at Cafe Medina (which come with toppings of chocolate lavender, white chocolate rose pistachio, and salted caramel), enormous fish tacos at Tacofino Commissary, playing Jenga at Pizzeria Ludica, rifling through the great stuff at Front & Co., sipping the Empress at Radicle Juice, and getting an incredible facial — microdermabrasion and all — at Sugarbox. (Seriously, what a wonderful experience. Sugarbox is sublime!)

Also, not to be ignored, shooting off a confetti canon at the rainbow crosswalk… And coming back to the apartment to throw silver stars, have a Montell Jordan dance party, and make a fabulous mess. Really, we’ve had a pretty fabulous time.

Last week, I put the finishing touches on Radical Self Love Bible School by writing up, journalling and then photographing the final lesson. All the babes who signed up when it was first announced just got lesson 12 of 12. How bittersweet! It’s funny: when you launch a product, you can never really know how people will respond, how much you’ll enjoy creating the material, or what will transpire as you do it. I have been astounded by how it has been embraced, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved journalling, collaging, and doodling my way through the lessons. Doing it takes me back to when I was in my late teens and early twenties, always with a notebook by my side, always creating some weird thing… It has been fantastic to get back in touch with that side of myself. The last lesson might have been kissed goodbye, but you can sign up (and start!) at any time!

After teaching in Calgary this weekend, the three of us get on different planes and head back to our respective homes. We’ll be taking a month’s break from travelling before we head to Europe to teach in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. International playgirls like whoah! But I’ll be thrilled to be home with my love and our dogs, and to live it up in the city that never sleeps.