Things I Love Thursday: Old Married Lady Edition!

Oh, bunnies… I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. The utter insanity of wedding planning along with the other TRILLION things on my plate have left me quite overwhelmed, crazed & desiring an early night! But I think I’m rounding the corner of madness, & the straits of sanity are just on the horizon… !

So here we go with my list of things I’m loving this week. There are plenty, which is just as it should be!

Things I Love Thursday

Roadtrips with my beau! On Sunday, my man & I made our way out to Pennsylvania to run an errand. What could have been a (relatively) quick four hour trip turned into an epic, ten hour gargantuan adventure, complete with an impromptu off-road rally, slightly terrifying hot dogs, bizarre flea markets & a well-deserved Reese’s Pieces sundae at Friendly’s on the way home.

I was on navigating, you see, & it was a bit of a comedy of errors. When I typed “IKEA, New Jersey” into my phone, it actually gave me directions to IKEA’s corporate headquarters… two hours out of our way. Neither of us noticed until we got there. UGH!!!

Regardless, we laughed our way through hundreds of miles & exorbitant gas prices, & even though we only did one of the five things on our list, we had a blast anyway. Plus, the man is super-handsome & he can drive. You just can’t get sick of that!

Things I Love Thursday

Being married! It actually does feel really different, even though I was sure it wouldn’t… & it’s wonderful. I’m gonna write about it for you sometime soon. (There is more wedding stuff coming, too!)

Things I Love Thursday

Going to see Captain America late at night, feasting on popcorn & holding hands through the movie Cuddling with Hank, the best dog I’ve ever met The iPhone 4 Lunch with Bindu Wiles, who I love like mad This post by Rachel Rabbit White (isn’t that, TRULY, an amazing dress?!) “Devilled egg for the road?” Seeing my man in a suit Silly hats Hanging out at Mike’s work, going for lunch & eating “sticky chicken” Leopard print everything My new obsession: Instagram Dolly’s nuttiness Skipping down the road with Betsey Johnson to celebrate her birthday & my wedding! …She’s my soul mama, didn’t you know? Amazingggg fruit & granola parfait from One Lucky Duck This chair at the Delano! Meeting up for drinks with Adam Custins (who I have known since I was about 21 years old!) Going to the Mad Men for Banana Republic preview yesterday! Isn’t this trenchcoat SO Carmen Sandiego? LOVE! All the dude stuff is great, too.

It has been a wonderful week. My heart is overflowing & bubbling with fizzy love feelings & happiness. I hope yours is too…

Things I Love Thursday



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