Things I Love Thursday: On The Road Again!

Things I Love Thursday

Since my last Things I Love Thursday, so much has happened! We’ve taught two jam-packed classes (in Brisbane and Melbourne) and are on the brink of class number three (Auckland). We flew to New Zealand at the crack of dawn on Friday morning, and jump right back into classes on Saturday. Phew!

It’s really lovely to be back in New Zealand (even if it is for a flying trip!). I was never very patriotic until I left, and these days, I am crazy for anything and everything kiwi!

I have to say, though, now that the Tourism Queensland portion of our trip is over, and we’re back to fending for ourselves, we’re realising how truly spoiled we’d been! TQ didn’t just cover our flights and accommodation, they also took us out for dinner every night, ferried us around the state and catered to our every whim. Our host, Celeste, completely doted on us, buying boxes of peppermint tea, booking us onto last minute sunset cruises, and waiting patiently as we took yet another Instagram selfie! Gosh. What did we do to deserve such superstar treatment?! Celeste, we love you, and we’re looking forward to dinner on Sunday night!

Things I Love Thursday

By the way, The Blogcademy was on ABC News on Wednesday night! How amazing is that?! Click the link to watch the news clip. We all felt quite chuffed about it!

Mostly though, life has revolved around taking planes from place to place, only partially unpacking our suitcases, and meeting lots of new people: over 70 in a week! It’s wonderful but I can’t lie, it’s a little bit exhausting too. We are generally in bed — and asleep — by 9pm each night. Very rock ‘n’ roll!

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Eating fish and chips maybe a little too often… Having a hoop-off at Blogcademy Melbourne! Stocking up on my favourite snacks (Barbecue Shapes for life!) These rad wicked witch legs on the street Practicing our best Dame Edna impressions Voyeurism Our B balloons — we never get sick of ’em! This illustration of me by one of our very talented blogcadettes, Jane Davenport Receiving this Dolly necklace from our Brisbane scholarship winner! Rocking the house at the Brisbane Radical Self Love Event (full recap to follow!) Flying over the Great Barrier Reef in a helicopter! So gorgeous! Raspberry ice-blocks Carrying snacks everywhere Accents! Fat Freddy’s Drop The safety videos on Air New Zealand Researching for our next big project! Looking forward to having two days off at my parents’ place Doing face masks and lying around Antipodean smiles, friendliness and hospitality!

Things I Love Thursday

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”(Marianne Williamson)

So pleased to be back in NZ,

Top photo from Boothalicious, others by Lakshal Perera.