Things I Love Thursday: Peonies & Psychedelia!

Things I Love ThursdayOn my desk: glitter candles, rhinestone bracelets, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine & aqua aura quartz, fortunes, & earrings… There are also magenta peonies in a milk jug & a cookie jar stuffed full of white fairy lights!

Things I Love ThursdayThe highlight of my weekend was spending time at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens with Mike, Asami & Fumi! The purple field of Turkish Hazel was absolutely divine & there were seriously HOT PINK flowers blooming everywhere!

Things I Love ThursdaySpring is the best! Also, I loved the flower crowns on these two girls, though I didn’t get their names, unfortunately!

Things I Love ThursdayFlowers & vines, so gorgeous. These are the magenta peonies I mentioned earlier (& a better view of the psychedelic tray from the 1960s everything else is now sitting on!). A stack of passports, international playgirl style… & a taxi portrait.

Things I Love ThursdayL-O-V-E L-I-F-E… I never expected a bowl of cherries, I’m just a Virgo looking for my own version of the Virgin Mary…

Things I Love Thursday

Dinner with KAT tonight! Oh my goodness. Tulips & peonies & crystals on my desk Awesome meetings & exciting new developments Hank & Dolly both curled up on the floor next to my desk while I work Good mail days! (Thank you Sophie & Lisa & Megan!) The extreme Virgoness of Wholefoods (it’s seriously one of my favourite places on the planet) The news that Jazzi is moving back to NYC, OH MY GOODNESS! Reconnecting with old friends Brother Ali Going out to our favourite Chinese restaurant where they play Johnny Cash songs & serve the best food in the world Spiked cowboy boots… GET OUTTA TOWN! Sitting outside, writing in a magical mirror garden That feeling of satisfaction when you put in a lot of hard work & see yourself living up to your potential! Daydreaming about pink cars Finding old photos from when Nubby & I first met! Talking about forming girl gangs Next week is the third anniversary of the first date Mike & I ever went on! Enthusiasm!!!!! & exclamation points! Finally giving in to the need for a backpack, & of course, I bought one covered in sequins… !

A reminder: The reason I do these lists every week is to remind me of the positive! They are one of my essential happiness practices: they keep me focussed on what is good in my world, & stop me from dwelling on the flaws or difficult moments. If you’re struggling with happiness right now, you should start writing these lists, too! If you’re not struggling, making a habit of counting your blessings will rocket you to another dimension of bliss! Guaranteed!

Brunettes have more fun… !