Things I Love Thursday: Peppermint Baths & Light-Up Tutus!

Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr ()

I am so inspired by everything right now! I can feel the winds of change blowing & I’m extremely excited about it. I have so many fun projects bubbling away (Paris, rendezvous with my Australian bestie in Texas, top secret fashion week mischief!) & it makes me feel ecstatic & effervescent.

I’ve spent this month getting myself ready for 2011 & everything it holds. It has been really great, essentially allowing myself a month of dreamtime so that my imagination can wander & I can get super-clear on what I want from this year of my life. January is a superb time to do it, too–December is so hectic, with everyone trying to tie up their loose ends, & January is typically so slow. If you’re feeling a bit muddled, try using the rest of the month to think about what you really want. You’ll feel so much better!

Oh, & in case you’re interested, the shopping detox is going extremely well. I have barely been into any stores–even though my favourite Forever 21 store is right next to Wholefoods, where I have been prowling the aisles three times a week–& it’s so much easier than I thought it would be. I’ve looked at some things online, but other than (finally!) spending a $100 gift card at Gilt, have been purchase-free. It’s been a really interesting experiment, & there are only 11 days left! (I do need a proper pair of sneakers for the gym, though…) I’m thinking about making this an ongoing thing; maybe I will do a 30-day shopping detox every few months, though hopefully this has taught me enough about my own spending proclivities to reign it in a little bit!

Things I Love Thursday

Michael by Michael Jackson Watching Youth In Revolt with Mike (it’s pretty funny) Peppermint baths Obsessively reading food labels in Wholefoods (sad, but true, this is something I really enjoy) The thrill of actually sticking to the Clean Program (go go self-discipline!) Ciara (still) The way that Dolly always curls up next to me, even when I move her away (it’s like she has a Gala-magnet inside) Monster High (new style icons) Killer guacamole Preparing to give away a blingin’, blinkin’, LED-sparklin’ tutu for Valentine’s Day! (Stay tuned) Late-night SMIZE offs! (& have you seen Larry King smizing?!!!) “I refuse to take dating advice from people named Darling and Danger” (comment from the Jezebel flirting article! So funny! Thanks boo!) Doing an impromptu #TILW (Things I Love Wednesday!) on Twitter & reading all the great responses come back! Apple wedges with almond butter (TOO GOOD) Rad false eyelashes Listening to Bjork again (I go through on/off phases–I do the same with Radiohead) Keeping a daily Clean Program journal (am thinking of posting it here when I’m all done!) Apartment pornography (I really am getting old…) Ganesha henna (!!!) Hank snoring beside me Cozy fairy-light adorned nooks I am kind of obsessed with the Silk’n SensEpil! (I want one so badly!) Planning my spring/summer wardrobe way way way in advance Watching America’s Next Top Model with my favourite My girlfriends who give me fantastic, smart advice Wearing yeti-esque faux fur & studded sneakers to the gym Dreaming about throwing epic parties Candy-coloured shoes Brunettes Big hats (big, big, bigger!) Also, SERIOUSLY, I cannot WAIT for Spring!

I adore this poster, & yes, this Virgo did notice the spelling mistakes, but hey. “Forgive & let go.” !!!


What tickles your fancy today? If you have your own love list to share, we’re just waiting to swoon all over it!