Things I Love Thursday: Pigtails & Pink Denim…

Things I Love ThursdayA spotted bicycle (it must be the Yayoi-mobile!), some of my weird 1960s pin collection, with a group from my old school, & a wax figure of Yayoi Kusama in the Louis Vuitton window!

Hey lovely! What a colourful week it’s been! Sunday & Monday were action-packed, & only got wackier. Suffice to say, tomorrow I’m making a pretty big announcement which I am extremely excited about… & I think you will be, too!

Here’s a list of things I’m loving this week. I think I mentioned this a little while ago but I’m making morning gratitude lists a part of my everyday routine & I swear, it is working miracles! Have you tried it yet?

Things I Love Thursday

The Yayoi Kusama windows at Louis Vuitton! Walking around Central Park with Rabbit The Alice statue — so much love, always! When I first moved to NYC & was staying on the Upper East Side, I would walk to the statue & sit in Alice’s lap whenever I needed to think… The Dark Knight Rises, because it was amazing Terrifyingly accurate horoscopes that I ended up reading aloud to my friend in a crazy over-the-top voice Great meetings & feeling like you’re on the same page with someone whose work you totally respect Wearing big hats, strapless sundresses & sparkly neckpieces to the Upper East Side When Mike brings me home treats (like Pixy Stix or Snickers ice-creams)! I’m still kind of shocked by how much I loved the Katy Perry movie… Starting to get really excited about fall/winter fashion. I know, I know! It’s only July! It’s such a vicious cycle! Lying in the grass while Rabbit read me passages from Anais Nin Actually putting the Olympics opening ceremony into Google Calendar because I am an uber-nerd Watching old episodes of Sex & The City back-to-back Giggling in bed Dolly’s spots & Hank’s snuffling noises Falling asleep on the bed during an incredible reflexology session Annie Siegel Black ankle boots with neon pink piping OH YES! Watching disco dancing rollerskaters in Central Park Sunglasses with false eyelashes attached Rabbit, Jess & Molly who all deserve extra love this week! Oh, & I’m thinking of trekking Kilimanjaro next year… !!!

By the way, can you believe that this Sunday is our one year wedding anniversary?! I can barely believe it myself! This time last year we were getting ready for the big day, making final arrangements & feeling nervous. It has been a year of tremendous change for both of us, but I think one of the best things about being married is having someone by your side, throughout it all. We’re thrilled to be celebrating a year together, & many more to come!

Things I Love ThursdayTrying on dresses at Rent The Runway. We had a blast!
Things I Love ThursdayWho couldn’t love this statue? A rack of colourful dresses, & the creamsicle VW of my dreams!

Have a lovely Thursday…