Things I Love Thursday: Polka-Dot Collars, PlayBooks & Bunnies!

What do you love? This week I want to really encourage you to think about what it is you love, & what you love to do. (Yes, I was inspired by Oprah’s last show!)

I don’t write Things I Love Thursday every week for me — though, of course, it is immensely enjoyable to put together. I write it for you, to inspire you to see the wonderful things in your life. Even when life (apparently) sucks, when we can’t find work & our boyfriend is being a pain in the ass & none of our clothes fit right, our lives are still brimming with miracles & fantastic things! It’s all about perspective, & about training ourselves to look for those good things.

The more we focus on the fabulous, the more of it we get.

So without further ado, here is my list for this week in May… Write your own, won’t you?!

Metamorphosis by Tracy, the Tracy Anderson Method. It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with Tracy Anderson & her training techniques since I first found out about her. Tracy is a personal trainer who, in addition to training some of the biggest stars, has a really different way of working out. She is a dancer & understands that most women want to look long & lithe, not buff & bulky. Her workouts focus on the minor muscles, with the belief that working these exterior muscles will produce the physique you’re fiending for. Well, I was super-lucky to be invited to a Juicy Couture party last week where Tracy took everyone through a workout, & sent us home with her Metamorphosis package!

I started doing it on Sunday, & it is actually much less gruelling than I thought it would be. All you need is a yoga mat & a pair of 3lb weights, & it’s really not complicated. She does a lot of reps at the end, working on legs & booty — sometimes I can do all of them, sometimes I can’t. Regardless, it’s a good challenge, & I can’t tell you how virtuous I feel knowing that I’m working out every day! (Plus, I’m sure that I will soon have a SUPER BOOTY & who doesn’t want that?!)

Exploring Betsey Johnson HQ with Nato, & seeing everything that goes on behind the scenes… It is just as colourful & wonderful as you’re imagining! Nato sent me a little preview of what she’s editing last night, & I can’t wait to share it!

My BlackBerry PlayBook! Ooooooooooh! It arrived yesterday, & I have been fiddling with it non-stop. Well, until Mike came home, stole it & played all the games on it… Isn’t she a beauty? I’ll write a review of it soon, once I’m a little more familiar with it, but for now, I am 100% in love!

Things I Love Thursday

Echo & The Bunnymen on a hot summer night Keeping baby wipes (for make-up removal & getting rid of city grime!) & Lush toner (I like Eau Roma Water but they’re all great!) in the fridge Air conditioning Inside The Actor’s Studio Luxuriating with a plethora of products from Tranquille… Dark ginger scrub, coconut cream lotion, sea salts… Delicious! Skype calls with everyone’s favourite crazy sexy warrior, Kris Carr Kreayshawn Pressing foreheads with Hank & Dolly, & attempting telepathy Pink sparkly leopard-print manicures P.O.S. telling me he’ll wear bunny ears at Soundset in my honour (can someone hold him to his word?!) Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr Looking around at my life & being bowled over by how very very fortunate I am Magical Tuesdays (keepin’ me sane for three weeks now!) Polka-dot collars from Dimepiece Designs The Rose Bar (beautiful) Looking forward to rooftop bars all summer long New hair! L.A. in two weeks! An Education Eyelash extensions Channelling Bambi Sleeping in Fresh juice deliveries New bangles that make an extremely satisfying noise as they clang together Skypeing with my parents Buying secondhand books & actually reading them Bangs which are the perfect length Hot pink turbans Sunshine & blue skies Mike (what a cutie)

Your turn! What’ve you got, babycakes?