Things I Love Thursday: Post-Iceland, Back In New York Edition!

Things I Love Thursday

The Blue Lagoon! It is extremely beautiful & absolutely worth the trip to Iceland. From the milky blue water–even on a grey day–to the snow-covered volcanic rocks surrounding the hot springs, it was a surreal delight! (More details to come when I post about our Iceland experience!)

Watching the party scene in downtown Reykjavik on Saturday night… It kind of reminded me of my teenagedom & early 20s in Wellington, New Zealand. Essentially: young people wearing practically no clothing in the freezing cold weather (it was hovering somewhere around zero), walking back & forth, congregating & smoking cigarettes while they tried to impress one another! People really are the same everywhere! Though the guys in Reykjavik were very well-dressed, it’s true!

101 Hotel! We loved it; it’s definitely a great place to stay. They upgraded us to a Balcony Suite, which of course we appreciated, & we spent a few days in minimalistic heaven, lounging in the bed, taking sporadic naps, ordering room service & watching the strange blend of American, Eastern European & Icelandic programming on TV. It was totally what we needed–a few days off to relax & unwind. (Plus, 101 Hotel does this insanely good miso soup with huge hunks of ginger in it, which I ate almost every day!)

That feeling of looking forward to coming home again. Nubbles & I agree that we were away for the perfect length of time. We were so happy to get on the plane back to New York City!

New York City–god, I love you!

Things I Love Thursday

“You have a video camera, right? Dance-off in Reykjavik tonight!” Agent Provocateur’s Kiss Me sunglasses (collaboration with Linda Farrow! Be still my beating heart!) Agent Provocateur’s Cindy set, which I clearly need to own Neon pink nailpolish from Finland Big bags of Maltesers Buying fun legwear in a Reykjavik pharmacy Coming home for an outfit change & having a Michael Jackson dance-off Two free channels of porn?! Icelandic hot dogs with everything Amazing ice-creams Crawling into bed in my Manoush hoodie My outfit for breakfast in Iceland: a velvet psychedelic hooded sweatshirt, neon pink fingernails & leather pants! The “blacklight orgy” Uncooked chicken breast Hot chocolate in Iceland Rice cracker mix Fake stuffed animals with sequinned antlers “The Boss has still got it” Triple-threat Virgo lunches at Veselka “I’ll have fruit salad… with a side of bacon” Consignment store adventures Emails from my friends telling me they have fallen in LOVE! (BEST!) My mega-amazing boyfriend for cleaning the entire house & cooking dinner when I got back to NYC! Hank & Dolly, who I missed very very much New Katy Perry for OPI nailpolish! Peppermint tea & fresh smoothies Seeing teeny tiny shoots of green come up from the ground! SPRING ANTICIPATION, I swear I will never take another spring/summer for granted EVER again, this winter lasted FOR AN ETERNITY !!!

How about you, beautiful? We’re in rapture waiting to read your LOVE LIST for the week!

“Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams.” — Uschi Obermaier