Things I Love Thursday: Press Play!

Things I Love Thursday

I often say that winter feels like life is on pause, and once the blossoms start to appear, it feels like some majestic being has pressed ‘play’ again. And so today I am grateful for the changing of the seasons, for the fact that life is always in flux, for the fact that nothing stays the same.

Yesterday was beautiful. Mike and I walked around the city, stopped in at One Lucky Duck for juice, explored the farmer’s market and enjoyed the sunshine. Always, without fail, when I walk around the city, I am struck with ideas. And when I had lunch with Rabbit this week, I had some major realisations about what is really important to me.

That’s what I mean by pressing play. Things start to move again. Life speeds up and becomes clearer, more purposeful and exciting!

Clearing out your physical space helps to speed up change, too. Over the weekend, I got properly stuck into my spring cleaning, and turned my office upside-down. I sold clothes to Buffalo Exchange, arranged my books by colour, and cleaned off my desk. I put a photobooth strip of Shauna, Kat and I into a snowglobe, and framed some art. When I was done, to quote Patrick Bateman, “relief washed over me in an awesome wave!”

Things I Love ThursdayLittle things I saw this week…

J’adore… Hyacinths on my desk (they smell divoon!) Drinking chai while I write Springtime walks with my love Getting excited about good movies: The Bling Ring, Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3… ! Skype meetings with Shauna and Kat Writing dates with Rabbit Grease on a Sunday morning The DJ at my gym, who mixed White Zombie into NIN into Marilyn Manson into Corey Hart… New Zealand’s marriage equality bill — how good is that?! So proud! Dying over Jonathan Adler for JCPenney! Making gratitude lists on the go (anyone can play!) The Up All Night playlist Listening to The Hold Steady while the sun shines A jewel-collared shirt (one of my new favourite things) Hank’s snoring Good weekend plans Bad news: my pink suitcase is cracked. Good news: now I have an excuse to buy a cute new one! Could one of these be too far away?! Mike Mike Mike Kiss-print tissues Testing out new perfume Pink eyelash curlers!

Things I Love Thursday

…And don’t you forget it,

Mike took that photo of the cab yesterday, when we were walking around. I always love seeing the old Checker cabs! A rare sight.