Things I Love Thursday: Psychedelic Skies

Things I Love Thursday

It’s been a weird sort of summer, dramatically veering from glowing blue skies to overbearing charcoal clouds and cracks of thunder.

I’m making the most of it, though: on beautiful days, I walk for miles, taking photos and listening to music, and when it’s raining like today, I stay inside, hunkered down, thinking and writing.

There’s a very exciting deadline looming, too: Kat and Shauna arrive in NYC next week, so I’m working like a maniac, getting everything squared away before they touch down. If their previous trips to NY are any indication, we’ll basically be frolicking non-stop… And I can’t wait!

As I said earlier this week, I am going through a really interesting phase at the moment. I’ve been thinking so much about evolution and transformation, and yesterday I saw my first butterfly of the season. In my world, there are no coincidences: there is a rhyme and reason to everything I see. Every sign acts like a piece of shocking pink thread sewing my life together, promising me that it all makes sense and reminding me to stay in the flow.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately… Oh, and last week I danced naked in front of 13 women. OOH LA LA! More about that soon!

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Doing the laundry in fantastic lipstick (I mean, if you must do it, you might as well make it glamorous!) Hank Williams’ 13th birthday! Gold monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage tags Meeting Martha Stewart in this dress Updating Day One in the back of cabs (p-e-r-f-e-c-t) The Bling Ring… I went to a screening on Monday and absolutely loved it. I actually can’t stop thinking about it, and will definitely be seeing it again! Psychic emails Justin Timberlake, just ’cause Pushing boundaries Marilyn’s photo This Blogcademy recap by Natalie! J. Cole’s new album, which I have been streaming non-stop Gigolos: weirdest show ever, way to make sex totally unsexy! Planning out my new office, aka Darling HQ Dollyflage Rewatching Marie Antoinette Doing one thing at a time! Stacking on bracelets (sometimes when I feel stuck while writing, adding lipstick or jewellery or high heels can totally change my mindset) My blogger babe posse!

Your gratitude prompt: Who are you thankful to have in your life right now?

Is it your lover, your best friend, your boss? Who has brought a little sunshine into your week? Even if you just moved to a new city and don’t know anyone, maybe you’re grateful for your helpful building manager, or the sweet flight attendant who brought you an extra blanket…

Think about it, then write it down. You can either add this to your own gratitude list, or share with me!


Photo of roses by Made U Look.