Things I Love Thursday: Santorini, Baby!

Things I Love Thursday

We have only been in Santorini for two nights and already we feel irrevocably changed. It’s all about whitewashed everything, cobblestone streets, eternal staircases and the bluest oceans we’ve ever seen. I have wanted to come to the Greek Islands for such a long time and it is absolutely everything I thought it’d be… And then some. Photos can’t even come close to capturing the intense beauty of this island. It is absolutely incredible.

Of course, it helps to be visiting with two of my best friends ever. This trip has already been unbelievably different to our usual pitstops: with extremely spotty internet access, we’ve been forced to let go of the reins of social media and actually exist. God, it is so great.

Things I Love Thursday

Mostly, we’ve been spending a lot of time on our terrace, lurking under umbrellas and stopping for gelato at every possible moment. Bottled water has become a hot commodity, we’ve been wearing white every day and making plans to go on boat trips. We’ve eaten our weight in feta cheese, and my legs are practically made of cucumber and tomato at this point. What could be better than that?

In a couple of days, we head to Mykonos for a change of pace. We can’t wait to splash in turquoise pools, lounge on beaches and rock sequin kaftans!

…By the way, you can follow along with our antics at #greecetopia!

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Brainstorming sessions on airplanes Maltesers Slumber parties at Kat’s parents’ house Awkward mid-air yoga poses Reminiscing about nu metal (and crowd-surfing) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Day-glo yellow travelling ensembles Really heavy sequinned kaftans Lolita’s gelato Neverending flights of stairs Daytime naps Our favourite porter, Vassilis Air-conditioning Wifi glee Trying on sunglasses “Rent A Cat, 5 Euros” Incredible sunsets George Michael lookalikes around every corner Record-breaking tans Fashion TV Cold showers Wandering cats and dogs Having nothing to do, and nowhere to go… Perfection!

Things I Love Thursday

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