Things I Love Thursday: Shoe Pornography, Las Vegas Adventures & Productivity At 30,000 Feet!

Photostrip!What a week it’s been.

…& it’s only Thursday! My lord.

Since I last wrote, I’ve been to Las Vegas & back again (where I ogled hundreds [even thousands?!] of shoes, explored bizarre vintage stores, partied with old people, & walked miles), had a meeting with Betsey Johnson, my fashion idol (tooooooooooo exciting, & she told me I am her favourite blogger of all time–I ALMOST DIED), passed out cold in the middle of the day (jet-lag sucks!), & spent plenty of quality time with Mike & our dogs.

New York fashion week started today & it is going to be E.P.I.C. My biggest one yet. I’m not sure if I told you, but I’m partnering up with Ecco Domani, legendary wine company, to attend & cover the shows of their EDFF winners… so expect some good fashion week coverage here too!

(More radical self love treasures coming too. I think I slightly over-committed myself this month!!!)

Enough pre-amble. Here’s what I LOVE this week!

The new Lauren Moffatt collection! It ships TOMORROW, & is so, so beautiful. Want a reminder? Here’s their lookbook. Expect to see me in these dresses as soon as the snow melts!

Getting on a plane to Las Vegas when it’s below freezing in New York City. I love you Las Vegas! You have the best weather & the silliest architecture.

My boyfriend who is basically the raddest person I have ever met. Honestly. I think if you met him, you would agree.

Seeing Huey Lewis & The News! I went last night with my friend Janni, & it was so funny! Huey (apparently) recently reinvented himself as a soul musician, so he was playing all his new stuff & babbling about how wonderful soul music is. I agree & everything, but the point is, no one was there to hear his new stuff! The crowd was getting restless, & it was turning ugly. Everyone around us was muttering. One guy typed on his iPhone & showed it to me: “Huey Lewis & the Snooze”. Zing! Finally, for his encore, he blasted us with Power Of Love, If This Is It, & Heart Of Rock & Roll. It was SO GREAT! Everyone had been totally hanging out for his old hits, so as soon as he started playing them, everyone freaked out, & we were all singing along at the top of our lungs, dancing & going crazy. It was amazing! Hahah!

(Why do I love Huey Lewis so much? Mostly because of American Psycho [the book]!)

Also… “Chicken in pants?!” Buying a 1950s sundress from a woman who used to work at the Playboy Club! Writing packing lists (it makes me happy–don’t judge!) Plotting with photographers Wifi on planes Hanging out with Kelly in Las Vegas (Virgo power!) These shoes (need, yes?) An emergency stop at Victoria’s Secret Pink in Vegas so I could buy purple flared sweatpants & a pink hoodie to wear on the plane–best decision ever (I was so tired) This Vivienne Westwood necklace I’m wearing in the photos to the left–amazing x 1000 Laughing with my trainer Looking forward to seeing Nubby next week! (Even though I can’t even think about Paris at this point! One day at a time, Gala, one day at a time!) Car service (spoiled girl) This random guy from Microsoft having Murs & Wiz Khalifa on his phone–what?! I told him, “You have good taste in music!” Not at all what I expected! Trying to organise all my thoughts (sheeeeesh) Having a Felt marathon My IonPod (it alkalises your water on the go!!!) Wearing stripes all the time This photo Oh, did I mention I’m teaching my blogging workshop tomorrow at Evolving Influence?! HOLLER! I have to mention it again… hanging out with Betsey Johnson today was kind of the highlight of my life!

How about you, bunny-britches? We’d love to read your love lists!

P.S. Microsoft gave me a rad phone to play with for NYFW–the Samsung Focus Windows Phone–so I’m going to be tweeting from it all week & posting stylish photos on the fly! So exciting! Even better, one of YOU will win a Samsung Focus of your very own this week! Stay tuned! Same bat time, same bat channel!