Things I Love Thursday: Snow & Cherry Blossoms Edition!

Things I Love Thursday

Bunny love! Welcome to Thursday! Here are a few things which have ignited my heart this week…

Look, I’m not even going to front, it has been insanely cold in New York. It’s meant to be spring, but we’re still not with the program! (Snow tonight! WHAT?!) While us New Yorkers sit around twiddling our thumbs, waiting for it to warm up, I’ve been making a summer lovin’ board on Pinterest. It’s tiding me over… for now!

Cherry blossoms! Despite our bizarre weather, THERE ARE PINK BLOSSOMS ON THE TREES & it makes me SO HAPPY!

My mother for being insanely inspirational to me… She has recently embarked on a fantastic new endeavour which I know will make her so happy. She has always been a huge influence to me in business (& in life!), & I know her next move will be a wonderful success! I can’t wait to share more about it when I can!

Considering who would voice our dogs if they had their own animated feature. Mike & I discussed this on our morning walk on Wednesday. Eventually, we decided that Hank would probably be voiced by Dennis Hopper (RIP) or Bruce Willis, while Dolly’s voice would be Reese Witherspoon as June Carter-Cash in Walk The Line. I asked my Twitter lovers who would voice their pets — I loved @MindiBunch‘s answer: “I think my teacup chihuahua would have the voice of Kathleen Turner.” HAHA! Kathleen Turner has the best voice!

Watching Burlesque & viciously enjoying every sparkly, brainrotting minute of it! It is such a bad movie but I did not care one bit. Plus, the make-up was phenomenal. Very inspiring!

Filling the house with daffodils & yellow & purple tulips. It will be spring inside our house, no matter what!

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

“A guide to cracked teeth” The Antonio Treatment! (It’s my new favourite show…) Taco night with Fumi & Asami! Getting FANTASTIC news (really fantastic) “Why don’t people dress up? We are all going to die at some point so you might as well wear a crazy hat, you assholes.” — Marie Visiting the Erin Fetherston showroom to see the new collection (& meeting Erin — she taught me how to trim my fringe!) David Bowie Watching Highlander in bed with Loverman — oh lawd! The fact that Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez & John Galliano look the same Spring cleaning! GHOSTBUSTERS! Oh, Venkman! (Swoon-o-rama!) Having a custom perfume blended at The Fragrance Shop! Running all my errands on Saturday (yay productivity!) Cuddling with Dolly while I work Fake tan! GAYNGS Affiliyated Regrind (you cannot imagine how good it is!) Getting new hairs Magical pico de gallo skills 1950s skirts which fit like a dream! Interrobangs (still) Janet Jackson forever & always This photo of Shae & I! HAHAH! Nina Simone The word “jumbo” Good shows coming up: Atmosphere, Glitch Mob, RJD2, yes please! Looking at vintage pictures of Disneyland (& NEEDING to go back!) Big backcombed 1960’s hair Sandcastles Old Playboy pictorials Working on the couch with two dogs under a blanket! Growing my nails (though, I keep stabbing myself with them!) Truth New make-up brushes (makes all the difference!) Grease fingernails Dolly’s hot breath on my foot!

Et toi? Link us to your gratitude list (& ONLY your gratitude list!) below!

P.P.S. I loved how many of you appreciated my Mercury retrograde article! Remember, there’s four years of content here! Maybe that will inspire you to visit the archive, huh?!