Things I Love Thursday: Start Each Day Like It’s Your Birthday!

Things I Love ThursdayExcellent advice from Kate Spade.

It’s that time again! Yep, time for a digital lovefest! I compile & add to my Things I Love Thursday lists all week — it keeps me in an “attitude of gratitude”, & just opening the text file on my computer makes me happy! So, as I do every Thursday, I’m sharing my list with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to make your very own catalogue of contentment! If you do, please submit the link below!

Now, without further ado…

I’m so obsessed with Frank Ocean that when I’m listening to his music, I find it hard to do anything else. Like leave the house or answer my phone. Ammmmmmmmmmazing. Nostalgia, Ultra makes me more happy than I can possibly express! If you don’t like this track there is something wrong with you.

Trapeze! I did a split on Monday & it was the best! It looked like this except… I wasn’t quite as fluid ;D I am definitely going to go back every week. It is the best feeling in the world!

Riding my bike!!! AHHHHHHHH. I have lots to share on the bike-riding front, including my thoughts on “bicycle chic”! I’m putting it all together for you right nowwww. Just you wait!

Making travel plans! Nubby, Shrinkle, Kevin & I are coming to Los Angeles in June, & we couldn’t be more excited about it! If you ask me, travel is essential for the soul, & L.A. is one of our favourite places to go! Then, in July/August, my best friend from Australia, Jess, is visiting Austin. I’m going to go there to meet her, & then we’re going to road-trip somewhere! (I briefly considered Marfa, but then decided I want to go to Miami SO BADLY!) Coming up with itineraries is one of my faaaaavourite things to do. Now I just have to get Jess to agree, haha!

Things I Love Thursday

Dinner at Freemans with my love Motorcycle rides in the sunshine Conjuring up travel plans with Miss Nubbenstein! Or should that be MRS Nubbenstein?! “If I told you I love your body, would you hold it against me?” “YES!” Talking with my dad about bikes! Finishing up filming with TVNZ — just like hanging out with naughty schoolboys, really… ! Vintage dresses which fit perfectly Conjuring up travel plans with Miss Jess “Honorary Texan” Sugadeaux! Amon Tobin (never gets old) This t-shirt Headscarves covered in daisies Major travel anticipation (when I have a trip coming up, it’s pretty much all I can think about…) Looking over at my bicycle (it’s in my office, all shiny & pretty!) Hearing about the successes of my friends! Couldn’t be more proud! Pushing myself hard & discovering, to my delight, that I am much more capable than I thought How insanely lush & green NYC is right now My eyeball sweater — a gift from Mike that I have found it difficult to remove from my person Tequila at our favourite bar (with my favourite moose-head) Saint Hollywood Fortuitous meetings with the VP of Product Development for Schott NYC! (Hello, yes please!) Pink leather hair bows …& having a very full Filofax!

Now it’s your turn, my little love weasel! Scribble up a list & let us know about it!

“To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. It is a revolution. To regard the lion & the water rats & our fellow men as equals is a magnificent act of a warrior’s spirit. It takes power to do that.” (Carlos Castaneda)