Things I Love Thursday: Taste The Rainbow!

Things I Love ThursdayMy favourite bag… And a Disneyland portrait.

As much as I love to travel, coming home is just as sweet. I love to lace up my Nike Frees and trot across town, getting reacquainted with my favourite city. I love to cue up Q-Tip and turn my speakers to full blast. I love doting on Hank and Dolly, and watching MotoGP with my husband!

My flight from Los Angeles arrived at JFK at 7pm, just in time for me to catch a glorious sunset on my way home. Every time I cross the Williamsburg Bridge, with that view up the island of iconic skyscrapers, I am filled with the excitement and wonder I felt when I first visited NYC in 2006. Will the love affair ever end?

California was good to us, though. The Blogcademy: Los Angeles was a complete blast. We couldn’t have picked a cooler venue — McCadden Space is like a mid-century wonderland — and when you throw a photobooth and some hot 80’s tunes into the mix, you can’t ask for much more! We were blessed to have Caroline to shoot the hell out of it, too. I can’t wait to show you more as soon as we get the pictures back!

Things I Love ThursdayShauna and I at the Coffee Bean; Kat outside Urban Outfitters; at Disneyland; with Amy at Umamicatessen; with Kandee in class; with Jazzi in Los Feliz. Yes, we are obsessed with Instax rainbow film!

J’adore! I completed my Invisalign treatment yesterday! (I’ll write all about it soon!) KALE This t-shirt, because, I mean, wow Gin and tonics made by the one and only RockNRoll Bride! Packing our suitcases with glitter-dipped feathers, sparkly bows, multi-coloured tassels, Ring Pops, and hand-drawn paper dolls… Our L.A. headquarters, otherwise known as the BLOFT Talking about blogger conspiracies with Jazzi! Getting my flapper on at Playclothes in Burbank Pepto-Bismol pink bathrooms Mind-blowing tarot readings from Paige Being so tired after day one of L.A. that I had to put on a Notorious BIG shirt and a pair of holographic leggings and just get horizontal Laughing until I cried with Kandee (my new favourite person) The best roof in the known universe Making the whole class sing Happy Birthday to Kat (who immediately went as pink as her hair!) Getting the best compliment from a woman wearing an extreme wig at the 99c Only store: “Girl, you WEARIN’ that hat!” Adventures on Hollywood Blvd Getting really 90’s and tying my sweater around my waist Green juice Shauna eating a 49c donut for breakfast Wifi on planes (a DELIGHT) Stacks of photos on my desk Being home in my creative bunker!

Finally, at the end of The Blogcademy: Los Angeles day two, Vivian put a pair of Necomeme on my head and made a Vine. The Necomeme can read your brainwaves and moves the ears accordingly! I mean, amazing. I LOVE these. So cool!

Wiggling my ears at you,