Things I Love Thursday: Tea Parties & Thunderstorms!

Things I Love Thursday

Love, love, love… Here are the things which made me happy this week!

Bicycle obsession! You probably know (?!) that I ordered myself a bicycle on Earth Day (appropriate, right?). Now it’s a waiting game. I’ve been WILLING my bicycle to arrive early! It is still probably a week away, but I want it right now!!! The suspense is killing me! In the meantime, I have been researching good riding outfits, acceptable riding shoes (these count as practical riding shoes, right?!), & basically getting really consumed by thinking about where I will take my bike & the adventures I’m going to have on it. So psyched!

Second-hand bookshops. One of my favourite places to spend time. I went into one on Friday & came out with 7 books for less than $60 (including an old hardcover copy of The Witches! Roald Dahl is my spirit animal, I’ve decided). At the counter, the guy said to me, “This is quite an eclectic mix!” I replied, “Yeah, I was so embarrassed that Eat, Pray, Love was the first one I picked up that I had to tip the balance with Miller & Murakami…”

Atmosphere & Blueprint at Terminal 5 on Tuesday night. One word: BIG. I’ve never seen a crowd go quite so apeshit. Grieves was amazing too. Definitely catch those boys on their tour, even if you “don’t like hip-hop”, even if you’ve never heard of them. You will walk out a fan for life!

Tea-parties with fancy ladies. I had tea with Miss Rabbit last Friday, & she is adorable! We went to Lady Mendl’s (highly recommended) & had a crazy five-course afternoon tea while we talked about Inappropriate Subjects For Ladies. Good times, I tell you. Come back soon, girl!

Things I Love Thursday

Beastie Boys’ new single, MAKE SOME NOISE… & by the way, you can listen to ALL of The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 here! Finally unblocking my ear after hours of anguish! Weekend brunches with my love Stupendously successful meetings (& when my manager wears a poofy skirt in my honour!) Putting together my summer mixtape “Iiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaam omnipotent” Spending my afternoon walking around with my Diana F+ Parisian & photographing my neighbourhood Emails to Nubby: “Sheesh… Is it time to plan another holiday yet?” Obsessing over Zatchels (!!!) Frito pie & motorcycle rides Deciding not to work & watching episodes of Sex & The City instead Making my list of things to do this summer Fake tan These shoes Filling my Filofax with Fujifilm Instax pictures & Susan Miller’s tweet: “Yesterday was a protective, positive day. If you say it was tough then whatever you “lost” you don’t need. A jewel of situation is coming.”

Things I Love Thursday

Your turn! What has you laughing & singing when you walk down the street?

The forecast is for thunderstorms, so I’m going to spend the day writing-writing-writing & doing my nails… I found a big stash of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in a Rite Aid near me, so I’m going to get busy sticking them on! Hope your day is stellar!

Illustrations by metissage & lolaCrayola.