Things I Love Thursday: The Magic Of Something New

Hello from San Francisco! Wow, talk about a big month: we started moving out of our old place last Monday, and yesterday Mike handed back the keys. That chapter of our life is officially closed. I’m sleep-deprived and 60% delirious, but thrilled nonetheless. Our new apartment is rocking our world, and I even have a closet system! (We bought these, and my wardrobe is a Virgo’s dream. Don’t sleep!)

Yesterday, Kat, Shauna and I reconvened in San Francisco, and excitedly explored the modern haunted house we’re staying in. We met up with Star before heading to Foreign Cinema for an incredible meal (lavender lemonade, truffle popcorn and sesame and poppy fried chicken were all stand-outs). We have a couple of days to play and explore the city before teaching a sold-out class this weekend, and we can’t wait to meet our newest batch of blogcadettes!

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Little things I’m loving? Southsiders, the new Atmosphere album, is SO GOOD After ruining my favourite pair of jeans with a can of white paint (oops!), I went out and replaced ’em with these. They are beyond comfortable, I cannot take them off. Denim perfection! The tree that bloomed right outside our bedroom window Taking a long, hot shower with great water pressure after an exhausting day S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out my limbs at Pilates Getting to share three seats on a plane with Kat Everything working out in the end Reading #GIRLBOSS on the plane Seeing my father for dinner tonight! Serendipitous travel planning ahoy! Lemon, spinach, orange, carrot and ginger juice with Veronica Varlow Picnics in the park with Naomi, Josh, Eleanor and Samson Cackling in the laundromat Doing morning yoga in bed with Kat Pink blossoms everywhere! STILL!

“Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.” (Jack Kerouac)

Have a beautiful day!