Things I Love Thursday: The Morning After A Magical Evening!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! I’m reeling from my amazing night at W New York Downtown: sparkling rosé, an exhibition by Mick Rock, live tunes from the impeccably-dressed Mark Ronson, & dancing onstage with Betsey Johnson! C’était magnifique et magique! I climbed into bed late-late-late, with a face still full of make-up (bad girl!), buzzing from the details of the night.

Other than that, it has been a week of wonderful small things. So without further ado…

Things I Love Thursday

Pink Light Burlesque (more details on this to come very soon!) Stacks of sparkly, noisy bracelets & bangles Amy Winehouse’s Lioness album (wrap your ears around it ASAP!) Dressing like eccentric heiresses with Molly Crabapple & being shot by Lydia Hudgens against ivy-covered walls with a Mr. Pink Diana F+ camera — I can’t wait to show you the results! Um, the fact that you can MAKE YOUR OWN MUPPET online at FAO Schwarz!!! Watching guys who look like accountants rap along to Jay-Z, word-for-word Wearing my skull-print onesie practically every day Dangly eyeball earrings My hot pink Christmas tree Chocolate-covered gummy bears (OOH LA LA!) Brandy’s Best Of… (on repeat!) Monster-face sweaters Daydreaming about travelling to exotic locations! Doomtree’s New Kings album (Did you know that listening to new music creates new neural pathways in your brain? All the more reason to listen to different tunes!) Pinterest (I’m back into it with gusto!) Getting callouses on my hands from lifting weights… TOUGH! Dancing all night long Kno vs. Hov Wearing a tutu with a velvet blazer Ladurée candles Raw vegan ice-cream (chocolate & cherry swirl?!) The fact that everyone — even heterosexual males — goes gaga for my iPhone case! This photo (maximum cuteness) Excitement about new projects & new challenges! Ray Charles, Prince, Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson People with the guts to be true to themselves Buying sparklers at the party store Seaweed rice crackers!

I LOVE YOU! Have a fantastic day!