Things I Love Thursday

Okay, here are some small things which are delighting me today!

Flickr favourites

Clockwise from top left corner: a girl drawn by Fawn Gehweiler, a fake indoor beach in Japan, Audrey Kitching’s fringe, a photo by Ellen Von Unwerth, an unknown girl, bound papers, a hotel room, origami paper cranes, a cupcake, cute shoes on purple carpet, another girl by Fawn Gehweiler, balloons, & a ballerina on a cupcake.

The gap in Madonna’s teeth!
Really sweet peanut butter, yum.
Thinking I had disappointed someone when actually, they just forgot to reply to my email & think I am brilliant!
Watching orchestras all turn the page of music at the same time. Is that dorky? It just looks so beautiful, like a momentary flock of butterflies.
Trading skills with a friend — “I’ll write you a new company profile if you make me a dress!”
Wearing pink, glittery tabi socks around the house when I wake up.
This video of the Three Tenors where Pavarotti is grinning like mad at Domingo & Carreras at 1:58! SO CUTE! Oh my god I love it!
Chilled green tea with jasmine.
Obsessing over the baths I’m going to take in Sydney. I haven’t lived in a house with a bath since about 2003?! I’m going to go to Lush & buy a Fairy Jasmine bath bomb for every night I’m there. Ohhhhh it’s going to be soooo good.
This is absolutely hypnotic. I love interesting musical notation, drool!
Being able to watch almost any of those Next Top Model shows on Youtube for freeeee & whenever I please!
Jumping on my trampoline & singing along to 2pac!
Oh my god, this is from the city I grew up in.

Whenever I remember, I like to make lists of things I appreciate. It’s a great thing to do as soon as you get out of bed, because fuelled by all that positive energy, how could you NOT have a good day?!

My boyfriend & I sometimes play this game where he says, “Okay! Ten things you’re grateful for right now!”. If I’m grumpy I’ll roll my eyes at him & say, “this sandwich” in a voice dripping with sarcasm, but by the time I’m up to about number six or seven, I’m starting to feel good & it oftens helps get me out of my funk. Try it next time you’re irritated. Even if you make a list that is ALL sarcasm, at least it’ll make you laugh!