Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Photo key:
1. voguehoney, 2. By Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 3. Vintage Tin, 4. THE MOJAVE DESERT | Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 5. Tea for Two, 6. Natalie in Hammamet | Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 7. manko, 8. Urban Motion #3 (Zen), 9. KV004631, 10. Jiang sisters of China, 11. music, 12. morning procedure, 13. I’m Blue, 14. after, 15. milk is love, 16. Pink head two, 17. Untitled, 18. Untitled, 19. just trying things out…, 20. Untitled, 21. purikura, 22. Moi, 23. XIIII, 24. cut in Japan, 25. mosh_sun02_web.jpg

Eartha Kitt — how can you not love a woman who released an album called “My Heart Belongs To Daddy”?! She is my new favourite vocalist; she positively purrs. I also adore the way she annunciates. Listen: C’est Si Bon, & seek out “I Want To Be Evil”, too.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe — the three black & white photos in the mosaic above are hers. Everything she did was supremely glamorous & had a permeating air of perfectionism. (I do love that quality in people.) You can see some more of her photos here & here. The astute among you might notice a picture of Diana Vreeland nestled amongst them! Also, as an aside, when I was little I used to misspell Louise as “Lousie”. Hee!

Appreciating my boyfriend — he is so great. Really, he is.

Parkour — it is not really my thing, & I hear it is terrible for the joints, but I think it is amazing to watch (1, 2) & still photographs of it can be mind-boggling, death-defying & totally beautiful. Talk about making wonderful use of your environment.

Gossip Girl — oh, the shame is palpable. But I LOVE it. I am OBSESSED with it. I cannot get enough! I swear! Do not attempt unless you want an addiction. Consider yourself warned, okay?

Meeting new people — especially people who recognise me in the street or in shops, & tell me how much they love iCiNG. You cannot begin to imagine how much happiness this brings me. Two people did it yesterday & I wanted to kiss them!

Other notable mentions: Pale girls with blue hair (when it’s right, it is so, so right); anything kitsch & regal (I have secretly wanted a collection of royal mugs for a long time); Angelyne (still!); anyone wearing eyeliner with a septum ring; purikura/sticker photobooths (every time I use them, the love affair is re-ignited); the song ‘Conspiracy‘ by Paramore; Crowded House (it’s weird, I like New Zealand music so much more when I am not actually in New Zealand!); teapot collections (I would love one of my own, at the moment all I own is one Tiffany-blue teapot); my makeup classes (my teacher is beautiful, I think I am in love, & I am already learning so much!); receiving sparkly bow-ties in the mail!; waistcoats (I just bought one & am really excited about wearing it!); massive frappuccinos with cream & syrup late at night (so bad but so good); Kris Atomic; long necks & tall hats; synchronised swimming; chivalry regardless of sex; going for long walks with friends; bribing people to sew buttons for me (yes, I really am that terrible a seamstress); jumping up & down on my trampoline; dancing badly by myself; the thrill of trying new things (I just bought some dry shampoo & am really looking forward to trying it!).

Tell me what has you jumping for joy today! Gratitude is good for you, so let’s go go go!