Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayKarl Lagerfeld & Linda Evangelista!

THIS IS THE 100th THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY! Amazing! I am so excited by how long this has been going for, & it just keeps getting bigger & better! Things I Love Thursday is a total internet phenomenon, seen all over the place in various incarnations, inspiring people to see the beauty in their own lives & delight in the details of others’. I want to thank you all so much for your unerring enthusiasm, heart-expanding love & sweet devotion to keeping TiLT alive!

Here’s to many, many more TiLTs!

My father & the Dish emailing each other (they are kindred spirits like you wouldn’t believe); the fact that my favourite deli does home-delivery of my favourite sandwiches; my Faux-biaga booties (I have been wearing them pretty much every day & I am totally in love with them); smudgy black sparkly eyeliner pencil; being walked home in the mornings; Beefcake’s Viande De Gateau (it’s still great, years later); listening to every number one single from 1952 to the present day — in order; faux job interviews; magical vitamins (I will write about them soon!); daydreaming about fall fashions; mentally preparing myself for more travel (it has been a nice couple of months at home!); the way people react to me having long hair (summary: resoundingly positively, but it’s a very chicken-or-the-egg scenario — are they responding positively because I look good or because I feel good & therefore look good?); anyway, regardless, long hair is the best; being productive; looking forward to lots of girltastic fun-time; John Lennon’s Imagine

Yo Gabba Gabba! which is the most incredible show I have ever seen, it is like the inside of my brain at all times. I saw it for the first time last night. Unicorns sliding down rainbows, “My name is Gala & I like to dance!”, Pop Tarts on a train, carrots, yeah, in my tummy, party party!, songs about smiling & being happy, & it features Mark Mothersbaugh & Biz Markie!

Jazzi & Nadia & Nubby & Sammy — All of whom arrive within the next week (with the exception of Jazzi who is here already)! Actually, when I think about it, it’s kind of creepy — they are all small in stature (I don’t think any of them are over 5’5″) with black hair & brown eyes. They’re like an army! AN ARMY OF CUTE! I can’t wait to see them! & I can’t wait to be working side-by-side with Miss Nubbenstein! It is so much fun to share a space with her, we are constantly brainstorming & laughing & making evil plans, & we have also decided to bring back cocktail hour! Ahhhhhhh!

My new yoga class, because it is perfect & nothing about it needs to be changed. My teacher is from Sweden & the class is always very small, usually between 3 & 5 students. She plays Damien Rice & Jose Gonzalez & lots of other music I really like, & during Savasana, she anoints you with essential oil, cradles your head, & gives you a massage. Um, amazing. Each class is totally different & I never know what to expect, which is great because it means you never get bored. She encourages me to try new things & adjusts me a lot. I love her. Also, this week the guy next to me fell asleep & started snoring, it was so funny & cute. That kind of thing bonds you to a class. I am so excited to be back into my practice & loving it so much!

Korres & not only because they sent me a bunch of products, but because what they sent me is 100% delicious! I had never used any of their skincare before & I am really impressed. I’ve been using their Wild Rose 24-Hour Cream (Make-up Alley review) as a night cream & I really like it, it smells good & soaks in really well. I’ve also given their Pomegranate Cleansing & Demake Up Wipes (Make-up Alley review) a whirl, & prefer them to the baby wipes I usually use — they smell brilliant & are more thorough than I’m used to! But without a doubt, my favourite product of the bunch is their Jasmine Lip Butter (Make-up Alley review). It is totally scrumptious & I am obsessed with it, & have kept the pot next to my computer where I apply it with feverish regularity. It’s creamy & luscious, with the added perk of smelling like candy floss. YUM. Consider me a convert… They also told me to tell you that if you guys use the code iCiNG at check-out, you’ll get 30% off your online purchases until September 15th! Hello, rad!

…Adjusting to the weather (we left the haus this morning & thought it was “chilly” — it was 24 degrees Celsius); clearing out my inbox; a drawer full of colourful knickers; really good/bad old music; looking at pictures of Richard Simmons & laughing from sheer delight; looking at Hank’s face & laughing because obviously I am nuts; making up songs & chants; Gary Numan; seeing this comment on Youtube “i dont see whats so trippy about ketamine, it just makes me walk like a robot :/”; having vampire picnics; wearing the Dish’s shirt; favourite secret breakfast spots; exciting stuff in the works; RedBull obsession; being excited about my friend’s love affair, & also, I saw a really adorable honey-coloured Cocker Spaniel mix the other day & I think I am in love with it. (I have kind of gone off dachshunds — sound the alarm!!!)

“Wherever I see grey, I paint it pink.” — Alain Berliner (Director of Ma Vie En Rose)

(Incidentally, if you haven’t seen that movie, you really, really should.)

Et vous, sweet bunnyheads of the world? What is making you dizzy with excitement & ecstatic with joy? This is the 100th Things I Love Thursday so let’s make it a biggie this week, huh?!

P.S. I know my stylesheet is messed up! If the site is displaying without formatting, just refresh it a couple of times & it should fix itself. I need to upgrade my server, too much traffic, wheeeeee, sorry, we’re working on it! MWAH!