Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Girl time. Much needed, & very important for the soul. Nubby, Molly & Jazzi are a constant delight. It is so good to have the Nubs here — we have slipped back into our old routine, which goes something like: talk about blogging, marketing & online personality stuff/work/listen to bad old music/google ridiculous things/walk around Manhattan/take photos/sleep/repeat. It is a good time — I love her so much! Sammy (who I haven’t seen since February) arrived from L.A. last night, & today is a big adventure involving Nubby, Jazzi, Nadia, maybe Sammy, & myself… I’m looking forward to it, despite the oppressive heat!

Rob Brezsny, for this specifically:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): No more rotten dessert, Virgo. No more silky danger or juicy poison. No more worthless treasures or empty successes or idiotic brilliance. Soon all those crazy-making experiences will be gone, blasted, dead. By this time next week, the bad influences that were trying to pass themselves off as good influences will have fallen away in response to your courageous drive for authenticity. You will be primed to restore your innocence and play in places where purity is the rule, not the exception. Already, the wisdom of your wild heart is regenerating, giving you the strength to overthrow the sour, life-hating influences that were threatening to smother your spirit.

Writing about my grandma & getting an email from my father telling me how much he & his brother enjoyed reading it.

Honourable mentions: Lots & lots of little things this week. Small sweet moments a go-go! Like… Going out with the sparkly ear troupe; sunset rooftop photoshoots; photobooth mishaps; when your two favourite people get along famously; spontaneously finding gifts for people (I bought Nubby a vintage Swatch red cross watch at 10pm the other night); shopping with the Nubs; Two Doves by Dirty Projectors; the way a day can turn on a dime; Protagonists from Felt 3 (A tribute to R____ P____! & Aesop Rock produced!); bouncing between low & haute Mars-Saturn & Mars-Neptune (read: mad cleaning binges, making resolutions, doing yoga, lots of deep breathing, lots of water VS cider, scotch, nausea, psychosis); cute hats from Ms Twiglet; planning outfits & talking style; Victoria Beckham’s Coming To America (honestly, it never gets old); strawberry macarons for dinner; sequinned leggings; crossing things off my to do list; Nubby’s dream Michael Jackson jacket; obsessive cocoa butter application; free clothes; going to yoga every Monday; having Nubby interrupt my yoga class; looking forward to seeing my mother for a week (!!!); new episodes of Entourage (though I read someone on Twitter saying that it’s better if you imagine Entourage is a parody of Entourage, & now I can’t watch it without thinking that! It does make it funnier, though…); sharing cans of RedBull; talking about obsessions at a feverish pitch; anticipating trashy lingerie; re-watching the Las Vegas video with Nubby & laughing really hard; smiling while I write this list; new hats; hip-hop insider trading; when Jake tries to trick me, but it never works, because I am clever; emails from Sera Beak; new moon in Leo; sleeping in false eyelashes; learning how to use my camera (it only took me 3 years, ahem…); the Nubby boogie; little old men who buy their newspapers at 2am; googling ridiculous things; Z!nk’s September issue; writing long lists on the back of postcards to remind myself of what’s going on in the next month or so; letting the man who owns the deli choose what I buy; going to the movies with my lover; weirding Nubby out with my music collection; organising to see old friends; getting emails from people I dreamed about (who have never ever contacted me before, ooh psychic universe go go go!); bizarre direct messages from Courtney Love in the middle of the night; Michael McDonald; the photobooth strip of Molly, Jazzi, Nubby & I where we all look like shoplifters; feeding Nubby massive quantities of vitamins; bursting out of the front door looking completely nuts in hats, heels, dresses, sequins et al, & smiling sweetly at men in shorts & t-shirts; remembering to take things one day at a time; air-conditioning; sleeping in.

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” — Marianne Williamson

How about you, my little sequin-bomb? What has had you breaking into spontaneous moonwalks lately?!