Things I Love Thursday

Well, it has been a crazy week — I got back from Vegas early this morning & in a few hours I’m flying to Auckland via Los Angeles — so it feels (to me!) like my TiLT is kind of low on details. It is not, however, low on love! In fact! I have been feeling the L-O-V-E even more this week than usual, which is really quite wonderful & I have definitely done my fair share of wandering around with stars in my head! I hope it has been exactly the same for you, my delicious little morsel!

Las Vegas — Always & forever. I really do love this place. It’s the perfect mix of ridiculousness & brilliance. This was a very quick trip for work, but it was still an excellent time. In my two & a half days, I made new friends, paddled in the Hard Rock Hotel’s faux-beach-pool-thing, walked miles every day, drank some scotch, went to some parties, had a bath, did plenty of writing & saw Busta Rhymes perform. (He did good.) I also stood next to Suge Knight for the entirety of the performance, ha! A friend of mine told me to get a drink at the Double Down Saloon, adding, “Do not try the bacon martini, it will give you acne”. It’s a pretty rad joint (& I managed to avoid the bacon martini). Not to mention, the Magic tradeshow was mind-blowing… & made me really, really, really want to open a shop. EEEEEEE. Like I need another project! Finally, as Barbie & I were on our way to the airport, our taxi driver gave us a rollicking impersonation of Tom Jones, complete with steering wheel thumping for emphasis! It was brill. I really loved staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, but next time I want to kick it at the Wynn! It is so beautiful in the way only a hotel in Vegas can be. Take note, universe!

Early morning coffee dates — When you’re pressed for time, you’re pressed for time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make things happen. I got to see my favourite for coffee & smooches this morning, & it was totally worth waking up painfully early for. “You’re so cute in person!” Sheesh.

Being amazed by people & their honesty, authenticity & integrity. I love it so much when people open up & are brave enough to be really real. It is definitely one of my most admired qualities. Suffice to say, I have had some interesting conversations this week… but they have all left me feeling enlightened & happy. I call this a win.

Maybe finally mastering the art of packing light once & for all?! This will boggle most people who know me, but the following is what I took to Las Vegas. My Frye boots (for walking) & my Fauxbiagas (for prancing). Two strapless dresses (one from Forever 21, one from Charlotte Russe) & a thick black patent belt which went with both. A grey tank, the faux leather skirt I mentioned yesterday, a black slip for sleeping in & a grey sweater with zippers at the shoulders. & it was perfect! That is major underpacking for me — everything fit in a Matt & Nat carry-on, including my laptop, camera, cosmetics, notebook, & lingerie (!!!) — & I was totally happy & satisfied with what I took! So good! I packed for New Zealand on Sunday in a similarly understated fashion, & I’m hoping that it will do the trick. If you see me in Auckland not looking very stylish, please understand that I am trying not to be a mad bag-lady, & forgive me my trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us! Etc.!

Progress, ’cause it’s nice to feel like things are moving foward, innit?

…& synchronicity, because it’s doubly-nice to feel like things are working out exactly as they should. (They always are, but it’s fab to get a reminder. It’s like being tucked into bed by the universe. Right on.)

Life with Nubs. We have both been so busy ever since she arrived in New York, & we have not had anywhere near as much fun as we should have. But I really do adore having her around. We rock out to Michael McDonald & talk each others’ ears off, & I love it when she welcomes me home from slumber parties in the mornings. It drives me nuts to be in a confined space with most people, but with her, the crazy never comes. When you meet someone like that, you know it is special. I want to lavish her with gifts always!

Honourable mentions: Mega-over-indulgences at Max Brenner (waffles with blueberries & raspberries & chocolate sauce, holy drool); dreaming about Indian food, then waking up & ordering it; using Biosilk in my hair (miracle treatment, for real); raspberries for breakfast; laughing with the Dish; working out at the Haunted Mansion; when people call just as you’re thinking about them; deciding I wanted something & being offered it the very next day; Inglourious Basterds (just as good as everyone says, if not better — I really, really enjoyed it); impromptu photoshoots with Handsome (my neighbour’s dog); “I can’t believe you didn’t know about Matthew McConnaughey & the naked bongos”; pre-dawn send-offs from Miss Nubs which go along the lines of, “Don’t get kidnapped by any lizard people”; nickname evolutions (sometimes I wish I had a big list of every cute name I had ever called anyone, the latest is babezilla); free wifi in JetBlue terminals (hello, rad); Felt 3 anticipation; sorting out my living situation; garage pep-talks; creepy old men (you honestly just get to the point where the whole thing is 100% hilarious); getting lots of work done on the plane; spending time with my favourite; Justin Timberlake (he’s so great, I just saw a performance of his on VH1, killer); listening to my library when I’m away & don’t have my external HD with me; JetBlue seats (I do love travelling with them); DJ Z-Trip’s The Classic Sh!t mix; laughing with Barbie; looking forward to Auckland (& also, having a long sleep!); my new sparkly heart ring (as if I need more bedazzled hearts, I know, but I can’t help myself); pink & black feathers to dangle from my hair (it feels very Weetzie Bat); eating salad every day!; caffeine (thank you); horribly awful but madly compelling reality shows (Tool Academy 2? Really?!); Pony by Ginuwine (I swear, it is the best); see also, My Boo by Ghost Town DJs; coming up with secret codenames for Barbie & myself (& our editor!) while lying in a cabana — Dairy Queen & Cotton Candy in full effect! (Our editor’s codename is a secret for now…); Siouxsie & the Banshees being blasted throughout the casino before noon; lots of bronzer; sitting next to rad people on the plane; birthday party invitations; cooperation, support, & sparkles.

“As we become purer channels for God’s light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.” — Marianne Williamson


Alright! No more holding out! It’s time for a big goobly love-fest. Make it count! What are you head-over-heels for today?