Things I Love Thursday

Discovering melatonin which resulted in the best sleep on a plane ever. I know I talked about magic pills the other day, but these need to be added to the magic pill roster. Why had no one ever told me about them before?! They are tiny, you take one & you sleep like a baby, completely uninterrupted &, BONUS, the sleep is actually restful. When you wake up, you feel like you’ve had a really good quality, REM snooze. I bought a bottle of about 60 pills at LAX for $12, & they are worth much more than that to me! There’s nothing more horrifying than being unable to sleep on a 13 hour flight, after all… I arrived in Auckland feeling totally rested & ready to tackle the day. Amazing!

My 25th year. It really was amazing. & I want to thank you for being part of it & helping me make it that way! SO MUCH has happened since this birthday & even more has happened since this one! (Blast from the past to the maximum!) Life continues to become more & more magnificent, & I am so grateful.

Birthdays because — for me at least — they can teeter so dangerously on the edge of magic & sadness. But my 26th birthday was très bien. I kind of ended up spreading it out over a few days, & there was plenty of ice-cream, two professional massages, multiple bubblebaths & lots of laughter.

Ayurvedic medicine which is so supremely interesting & cool. Additionally, I had an ayurvedic massage the other day, where two therapists massage you in synchrony, & it was… amazing. It was like being massaged by one person with REALLY big hands! I can’t really explain it but it was wonderful, & I came home scented like sesame oil & had a really long shower before collapsing into a fluffy white hotel bathrobe.

The Dish. Mega-. He is such a badass, you have no idea. Also he is very cute. Every time I see his face I am surprised by how good-looking he is. GEEZ. I can’t wait to get back to New York & see him! & also see Hank! Also, we have rad plans. Just you wait.

Jennie, aka Mama Turk, who always has my back, even when I don’t know it. I LOVE HER.

Other languages, they are so beautiful! I watched Inglourious Basterds again the other night & it made me want to take up my French & German practice with FERVOUR! Avec GUSTO! You know?!

Honourable mentions: reading Charles Bukowski in airports & on airplanes; Viktor+Rolf’s Antidote (smells way too good); finding my favourite cleanser in a pharmacy in Auckland (Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion, I am going to stock up since I can never find it in America); going out to dinner with my parents; sleeping in big soft hotel beds; walking into my friend’s shop & surprising him; soup & garlic bread; talking to Ana on the phone; avocado & tomato on toast for breakfast; sending birthday wishes to rad Virgos; The Chocolate Boutique; stocking up at Lush; dining al fresco & writing in the sunshine; email from my friend five minutes after I thought about him; offers of tarot card readings for my birthday; owning this jumpsuit; purikura sticker photos with Skelerina; waking up with crazy hair; vintage-inspired lingerie; Miss Nubs; “We adore you!” emails; maintaining eye contact; magical flower potions; sweet homeopaths; immense sparkly jewellery; watching my friend get his skull tattooed; glitter-laden Flosty Gritter bubblebaths; girls who scream & hug you in the street; Andre Leon Talley; women who wear hats; dinners at Chow; talking to my dad; pretty much the entirety of Blueprint 3, I love it, it’s fun & fabulous, & I especially adore Empire State Of Mind; wearing my father’s dressing gown (it is cozy); coffee made by my mother (it tastes better); talking dreamies with Angeliska; apple cider & long hours of writing!

Love is the only sane & satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. — Eric Fromm

Oh wise words Eric Fromm, WISE WORDS! How about you, sweet international bunnyhead?