Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Things I love this Thursday! Yes’m!

Signing up for a New York City library card; You Say (Puppy Love) by Brother Ali (wow); having people to talk to about hip-hop!!!; wearing The Dish’s wifebeaters while he is away; my new rainbow Moleskine planner for 2010; writing at the coffeeshop; going on a mad coat buying spree on eBay & the excitement of having them roll into my apartment one at a time; good strong coffee; obsessive cleaning missions; putting together bulletin boards; Chloe; being photographed by everyone in a room (“Is this what it’s like to be famous? It sucks!”); gin & tonics; running around Chelsea in 7″ heels trying to find Richard Gere; finding Miss Jay instead (!!!); swapping shoes with Chloe on the way home; people who jump into your photos; black & white photobooth strips with Molly, Loulou & Chloe; calling Hank “moon man”; being totally immature & ridiculous; not having a washing machine (I always did my own laundry until I moved to New York, where you can either a) go to a laundromat or b) drop your stuff off & have someone else do it all for you — I go for option b & it is SO GREAT); the beautiful weather we’ve had over the past few days — perfect, warm, yellow trees, leaves everywhere; Huey Lewis & The News, & specifically singing Stuck With You (check out that silver dress, whooooah) to Hank when I take him for a walk; these shoes — I tried them on & almost died, they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine; walking around the city taking photographs with Lydia Hudgens (she is rad & v. talented); unexpected phonecalls from the Midwest; sparkly stockings from We Love Colors; office planning; building up a list of prospective projects (it feels good to know I am going to settled here for at least 3 years, it makes life feel more expansive, like there is more room to move & grow, does that make sense?); Duran Duran & Depeche Mode; ordering vitamins; being quizzed on American coins (I think I know them now!); the fact that all my friends LOVE my boyfriend; looking over photos from the night before & laughing; when Hank rests his head against mine while we’re sleeping; clean sheets; Jeff Buckley; “No, I want to stay here in the world’s largest mall of shame & misery without you. Forever.”; being back in America; laughing really hard, etc. etc. etc. But mostly I am really excited that The Dish comes home tonight!

Things I Love ThursdayI leave you with this photo of Miss Jay & me. You’re welcome!

Okay… your turn please! What happened to you this week that was totally rad?


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