Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Hello! Hello! Hello! I am late! I am sorry! Please forgive me! Here we go! Things I love! Exclamation points!

Laughing all the time; holding hands; people stringing fairy lights in trees; walking around New York with Chloe & having weird old men make even weirder comments (one of them said, “It’s not Hallowe’en yet!”, hur hur, & then we passed another old man & a middle-aged woman said to us at the traffic lights, “You two just made that dirty old man very happy”!); the word “gloom”; jewellery as a present (I have a new necklace by Gregg Wolf that I totally loooooove, plus I maintain that jewellery is the best kind of present ever, all girly diamond-madness aside, because you get to wear it & it always reminds you of whoever gave it to you); rice crackers (I wrote a letter to them in my head on Monday, it went like this: Dear Rice Crackers, Yum! I’m gonna eat you! Love, Gala.); people who make dog handbags based on me (this is a hard one to explain, I will show you photos when I have them); Lupe Fiasco — Fire; the fact that in America, Hallowe’en runs for the ENTIRE month of October!; my brand spanking new sparkly pink Fulmer helmet (it arrives tomorrow, YAY); The Dish making videos of Huey Lewis for me; Teletubbies in the street smoking cigarettes (oh the horror, don’t worry, there are photos), anticipation of the CunninLynguists show in December (I will be there this time I promise); being super-obnoxious (sad but true); Gift of Gab f. Brother Ali & Del tha Funkee Homosapien — Dreamin’; big glasses frames; getting big packages in the mail all the time; “you are making me blush you adorable thief”; when The Dish imitates the way I talk (especially the way I say art — “ahhhhht” — & party — “pahhhhhhhty”); also when The Dish speaks fake Twitter updates out loud (“At-sign World…”); running into sweet flame-haired girls in the street; taking Chloe to bad events & walking out smelling like our mothers; Weezer’s new single (it is so catchy, it’s like… brainpox); MAC Red lipstick; my new bunnyhead ring; looking forward to Halloweenie; dinner with Mike Dooley (& our waitress recognised him, it was so cute); relief & sanity; watching Nazi zombies in Dead Snow; autumn photoshoots; pretending the couch is a ship & cuddling with the family unit; having all my vitamins arrive!; taco night!!!; Hanky squeezing into tiny spaces & snoring like an old man, geez I love him; impromptu songs; Where The Wild Things Are; wearing sequins all the time; using plenty of exclamation marks; FakeAPStylebook on Twitter; being productive; server upgrades; CunninLynguists – To Be For Real; planning for SXSWi next year (yay, Austin, I’m coming back! I have missed you!); saying “OH MISTER SHEFFIELD!”, etc. etc. etc. ad finitum!

Things I Love Thursday

“Can one explain the magic of life to someone who cannot perceive it in the smallest everyday things?” — Rosa Luxemborg

Okay, pile on the yummies! Give us your lovin’! Baby, I need your lovin’, got to have aaaaall your lovin’! I have been working on Love & Sequins #6 flat out for the past few days so am totally distracted & over-stimulated & I apologise, it will be released TOMORROW & I am so excited! See also: Carousel! MWAH!


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