Things I Love Thursday

Every week, we celebrate the things we love by listing them off in a big, delectable, toothsome (!!!) way! It is an instant pick-me-up, so even if you are sitting around in a grump, give it a try! (I often do this in person too, & ask people to tell me 5 things they are happy about at that very second. It works like a charm!) So here we go…

I read something this week that said, “jealousy is when you count other people’s blessings instead of your own”. It is the perfect first point for this week’s Things I Love Thursday!

I also love…

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo — I bought one of these the other day & you would not believe the difference it makes to your look. I know I should do my eyebrows every day, but I always forget, plus I never had the right colours to do it. So on Saturday I just happened to wander into Sephora (which is incidentally one of my favourite places, even when it is packed with girls screeching about Halloween — headphones are the key here!). I picked up a Brow Powder Duo in Brunette, stared intensely in the mirror & brushed some across my eyebrows. Hello, fabulous! I am an addict. Actually “doing” your eyebrows totally changes the dynamics of your face, it is incredible & looks so much more glamorous.

Thinking about office organisation for 2010 — Way more fun than it might sound. I have always been a huge stationery nerd, though, so if you know me, this is not surprising. I trawled Amazon for good wall calendars for hours the other day. The most promising one so far is Where’s Waldo 2010. Oh yes! I once cut out pictures of “Waldo” (we call him Wally) & stuck them in bus-stops & on lamp-posts. Anyhoo. (I have a bunch of dream calendar ideas, like… Pee-Wee Herman, Tim Walker [it seems they’re not releasing one this year, booooo], Victoria Beckham [yes!], cute girls wearing sequinned mouse ears & lingerie, etc.) But I am AMPED about getting a bigger desk (the one I bought is just not big enough, I neeeeed to sprawl my stuff everywhere, good thing this was only $20, ha!), a nice vintage something-or-rather to put pens in (silver teapot, elaborate vase, strange jar?), more bulletin boards, a good chair, shelves, magazine organisation devices, etc. etc. etc. ad finitum! Save me from myself!

My new printer! I bought one from Amazon the other day (the Canon MP480 if you’re interested!), & it’s so exciting! I am obsessed with having pictures EVERYWHERE to help stimulate my brain juices (slurp), so I have been sitting around madly printing things off & sticking them all over the place. Yesssssssss.

Honourable mentions: Emails with the subject line “You’re awesome”; snuggling with my two favourite boys; Too Faced’s Lash Injection (mega lashes); Givenchy lipstick & lip glosses forever; “Have you ever been into Strawberry’s basement?” “No, why?” “It’s like the slutty underwear repository, it’s GREAT” (& buying a whole lot of it for practically nothin’ gets my vote too); my new Necklush scarf; shopping sprees so vigorous you give yourself blisters; Sex Rehab With Dr Drew; working out at the Haunted Mansion; planning my outfits way, way ahead of time; the sartorial boost that writing Love & Sequins #6 gave me!; looking at my colourful Moleskine planner for 2010 — my glitter maus skull is resting on top of it & I am itching to use it!; filling up my calendar way in advance with lots of rad events; Verdana (I get re-obsessed with this font every two years or so, it is so beautiful); having a Bowie-a-thon; when The Dish cooks for me & sings songs about it as he does it; making lists of fun things to do on the weekend; the Ninja Tune podcast; jambalaya (I had it for the first time the other night, YUM); sore leggies from running & cycling; Glee (as in the show); Cappie & Casey getting together on Greek (I was unreasonably excited about it); getting new freelance jobs (yay!!!); getting my calendar back from my old place & being able to plan my life on my wall again!; El Squeako; Beyonce (I watched her E! Hollywood True Story the other day & it reminded me how much I like her, plus she is so beautiful, PLUS she is a Virgo!); see also, Jay-Z; writing “love is the answer” in my Moleskine & seeing it all day; cutest packaging ever (I love monster anything); sound machines (I want one, listening to rain while you sleep is totally orgiastically blissful); soup; tequila & lime salsa (yum!) & finally, Le Dishiness for indulging my ridiculousness on a daily basis!

Also I think there needs to be a game for the Wii or PlayStation or whatever else they have these days, which is ALL great hip-hop that you have to rap along to & you get graded on how good you are. I want a good selection, too, from Big L to 50 Cent to Aesop Rock. I would buy that. Wouldn’t you?! Okay! Thanks, video game making people!

“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviours.Keep your behaviours positive, because your behaviours become your habits.Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.”– Mahatma Gandhi

Okay, bunny! Tell us what is making your toes tingle with happiness!