Things I Love Thursday

Lying in bed this morning, my eyes flew open & I cried, “OH! It’s Things I Love THURSDAY!” The Dish asked me what I loved today & I said, “You” & it was a very cute moment. But enough of that.

If you’re new, & I know a lot of you are, since the numbers keep growing, let me break it down for you! Things I Love Thursday — known colloquially as “TiLT” — is a little love letter to the universe we send out once a week. It is our way of saying THANK YOU & learning to appreciate what we have, as opposed to constantly thinking about what we lack or what we want! It’s good for the soul & one of the very best ways I know for getting out of a cranky mood. Okay, let’s go!

Interior design. I AM SERIOUSLY OBSESSED. On Saturday The Dish & I walked all over Manhattan & ended up in this furniture store (Olde Good Things) full of delicious (but overpriced) things… It was so exciting, & we discovered we like the same style. (Bonus!) I found this apartment on Flickr & oh god. It is perfect. I need to live there. I can’t stop thinking about ways to make my place more like that. Also, we are apartment hunting. Fun. I actually love it. This morning I went to see an apartment with a room hidden behind a bookcase which spanned an entire wall. This sounds amazing, except the ceiling was half the height of a person. What?! Amazing.

My new helmet. Oh, hello. You are pink & covered in magical sparkles. I love you.

Adventures with the girlfriend because we have fun wherever we go, & no matter how ridiculous it is (see: really awkward perfume event at Saks last week) or how many obnoxious videographers there are (see: yoga + supermodels + vodka). Once we were walking to Times Square & we saw people in Teletubbies costumes… SMOKING. Once we went to a swimming pool which changed colours & then sang karaoke with a bunch of strange Japanese men & someone got arrested. Also, did you know, our first “date” was to a pornographic circus? She is so great. Seriously.

The beautiful Angel who I am sending lots of good, yummy thoughts to. You should too, if you can. She deserves them & I can’t wait to see her in March when I go back to Austin for SXSWi! Love to you. (Do you believe! In heaven above? Do you believe in LOVE? …Send me an angel!)

Honourable mentions: Imitating accents (I love to impersonate what The Dish sounds like & he can’t help impersonating me too); La Perla stockings; my coffee kit; “Seriously, I don’t think any other couple laughs as much as we do”; big packages in the mail; signing off emails, “SLAVE TO THE QWERTY”; Felt 3; “Don’t call me a mouth-breather!!!”; more work, always more work; people who help you totally out of the goodness of their heart; open bars; matching my hat & my socks; racy photos on the go!; cupcakes for breakfast; teeny packages of candy in my handbag; terrifyingly-clever teenage girls; snugging with Hank (he likes to lie down with his head on my shoulder & his paws across me); realising there are a bunch of old Greek season two episodes I hadn’t even seen yet; Mexican hot chocolate; Wham!; penthouses with enormous windows; goodie bags; black fingerless gloves; going to see my manicurist after two months away & having her squeal & hug me (& tell me that everyone who comes in who says they learned about her through me is so lovely & charming, no big shock there but awww!); cherry red fingernails & holographic glitter blue toenails & white hair = Americana!; Eyeko strawberry fat balm (best colour & smells ambrosial!); new spectacles; Susannah Breslin (we met last night, she is A++); re-buying old favourite books (see: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott); 2Pac, & finally, when The Dish sends me emails entitled, “Look behind you!!!!” & attaches lookoutgala.jpg.

Things I Love Thursday


“Beneath the makeup & behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” — Marilyn Monroe

Your lists, please & thank you!