Things I Love Thursday

Love time! Let’s be lovelicious & moonstruck & bewitched & smitten & enamoured by our lives! Here is my heart-bursty list of the week!

Le Dish — yesterday, today, tomorrow. He is my favourite person by a country mile!

IKEA! Oh IKEA, I do love you. You may have noticed that I move quickly. Last Thursday I said I was obsessing over interior design, & then on Saturday we woke up early for an IKEA adventure! By Sunday evening my office was complete. (They delivered on the same day we went, AMAZE!) & with that…

My new office, of course. My desk is 5 feet wide & metal, like a butcher’s table. I have a nice tall bookcase (the Billy, bien sûr, in white) which holds books, magazines, sequinned hats, multiple fuchsia skulls (some glittery, some not), sparkly helmets, & Alexander McQueen stilettos. The whole thing is very exciting, since I have not had a desk since May 2008. For the last year & a half, I have just been writing wherever I can (coffeeshops, planes, strange couches, tiny kitchen tables, etc.). CAN YOU IMAGINE THE HORROR. The whole having-a-place-to-put-all-my-belongings thing is totally thrilling, & has inspired much productivity.

Oh & by the way did I mention that The Dish & I have been living together for a month & a half now & it is totally blissful happy-times?! !!!

Browsing for vintage typewriters on eBay — Mmmmm. I especially like typing in “pink typewriter” or “Olivetti” & seeing what comes up. I am sure you will also be delighted to hear that I am now the proud owner of one (1) blue Smith-Corona & one (1) Olivetti Valentine, typewriter of my dreams. YUMMY!

My rainbow maker! I bought one with two crystals on it. It attaches to the window with a suction cup, & it is solar-powered. When the sun hits it, the motors start & cause the crystals to turn. This means… dancing rainbows all over your room. AMAZING! You can find them easily on eBay by just typing in “rainbow maker” & they look like this… You need one, obviously!

Meeting Sam! He is in town to cover Red Bull’s BC One (which incidentally, I also covered!) so we finally got to meet after almost a year of online nattering. I met him for a drink on Monday, a wander on Tuesday & BC One last night. I love him. I do. Can we keep him? Does he really have to go back to London tonight? If I stage a protest, will he stay? Psshhhaaawwww. Don’t go!

Tim Burton for MOMA. Ahhh, so good, still thinking about it. Seriously good.

Honourable mentions: Having my lunch delivered from new different exciting places all the time (my new favourite is Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch, it is delish); Mexican hot chocolate (again); that the newest Palm Pre commercial features Doot Doot by Freur which is a great, great tune!; brunch with Neil; laughing & laughing & laughing; talking incessantly about how I love Dr. Drew & then having The Dish call me DR. SHREW!!!; making little beds for Hank so he looks like a dog burrito; wearing a suspender belt + stockings + leg-warmers; the Soho Grand hotel (pretty); adding to & re-arranging my vision boards; packages full of silver stars which explode all over my house; The Dish’s best friend, Hugh (he is rad); Destiny’s Child #1’s (heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee); going to Red Bull BC One last night & watching amazing b-boys, as well as getting free drinks, free tacos from Chipotle, & performances by KRS-One & Talib Kweli!!!; mustard (“sexy mustard” too!); sleeping cuddle pile (bedtime at our place is like Where The Wild Things Are except less hairy); stripes; vitamins; weirdness… & of course, the Johnny Depp encounter I mentioned yesterday. That ish is going to be close to my heart for a long time.

“Just because I’ve become spiritual doesn’t mean I can’t love crocodile.” — Tom Ford

Hahah. No, wait! Let’s try this one instead.

“When you let go of the need for any & all outcomes, life becomes a creative, magical adventure.” — Deepak Chopra

Okay! Much more appropriate. Your love lists, MERCI BEAUCOUP! Imagine me like a headmistress with my hand outstretched for your homework as you exit the classroom. Here’s to a hypothetical A+ in the love stakes! Go to the head of the class!