Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Baby’s first Balenciagas. YUM. On sale. Less than $200 & I have wanted them forever! VoilĂ ! Even better, they make me stupendously tall & are actually COMFORTABLE! Shock! Horror! God I love them. I have been stalking around the house in them ever since I got them.

Our memory foam mattress arrived! It is so great. But as we were removing the old one from the apartment, I almost killed The Dish while we pushed it down the stairs. It kept slipping out of my grip & squishing him! One of the highlights of my week was when we got back to the apartment, as he turned to me & said in a mock New Zealand accent, “Things I Love Thursday: attempted murder”.

But seriously: memory foam. Amazing. I have been having THE BEST sleep ever. It’s so cozy, & kind of like sleeping in quicksand. I absolutely love it.

The glee of having a new computer. My previous MacBook lasted from September 2006 to December 2009. It is what I used to create iCiNG & start writing my book. I have carried it all over the world. Bought in the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York City, it has been with me to London, Oslo, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Paris, Toronto, & probably a bunch of other places I am forgetting. It has served me so well & been a kind of magical chariot for everything I’ve done over the last 3 years. So as appreciative of it as I was, it was finally time for an upgrade. My MacBook Pro is extremely sexual & I am so happy, & looking forward to creating wonderful things with it!

Et aussi… The brilliance that is orange julius (I had one for the first time the other night, it was orange juice, carnation milk, vanilla & cinnamon & it was WONDERFUL); the fact that Warren Ellis thinks I’m good company; Zack & Miri Make A Porno (SO FUNNY); cashmere & silk v-neck sweaters; Betsey Johnson slips; The Ace Hotel; making big batches of magical potion & dispelling any prospective illness; looking forward to seeing CunninLynguists on Friday (are you coming too?!); “the octagon” (too much Ultimate Fighter, ugh!); my delicious pink Royal typewriter; I said it last week but flower booty (I now own them!); Pendulum’s Hold Your Colour; having Christmas presents arrive & hiding them away; writing on my calendar in a magenta Sharpie (you say “marker”, I say “vivid”, we can all get down with “Sharpie”); the perfect high-waisted skirt (I got it in grey, it is A++); overdosing on sequins (I say, stock up for the future because a bit of sparkly somethin’ somethin’ is never inappropriate); skirts which just make you want to make out all the time; reading old email & being relieved to be where you are; calling Nubby & saying, “I’m walking to Forever 21 & whenever I go there I think of you, so I thought I’d give you a call”; singing along to Beatles songs; bed parties; international chats with Jess; the episode of Flight Of The Conchords where Jemaine (a New Zealander) sleeps with an Australian girl & says her accent sounds “kind of like an evil version of our accent“; when Hank sticks half his face out from the covers & looks like the Phantom of the Opera; old Portishead songs (It Could Be Sweet, Wandering Star) which I ended up clicking on because this is my new favourite song; new bedding & big stacks of pillows; great ideas (if I do say so myself); being really really really in love; Christmas lights all over New York City; snow anticipation; when Hanky comes to visit me while I’m working; calling Hanky “the pancake” (e.g., “Do you want me to walk the pancake?”); new knickers; being properly hydrated, & my new favourite restaurant for delivery is Koo. Seriously the food is AMAZING, it is what inspired my style tip about Japanese feasts! If you’re in NYC, you can order from them via Seamless Web which is a total saviour when the weather sucks! Mmmmmmmmm, Koo! I love you Koo!

I would also like to give a special shout-out to YOU, my nonpareils! My digital lovers! My virtual kin & biggest inspiration! Without you, there is no iCiNG, & I feel like I could never tell you enough how much I love & appreciate your support, enthusiasm, wild spirits & amazing energy. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! It is infinitely better for having you — YES, YOU — in it. You are my favourite people.