Things I Love Thursday

I love love love…

Christmas shopping with my cutie MAC Cosmetics’ Saint Germaine lipstick bright pink Betsey Johnson dress bags hanging on my closet door (ahhhhhh!) polaroids tulle bunny ears hanging on my wall making beautiful new vision boards for 2010 Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace candy canes the “yule channel” (it is a loop of a log on fire, plus Christmas music, v. American!) taking Beyonce-breaks instead of lunch-breaks (it is when you get out of your chair, turn her up & dance like a frenzied misfit!) putting my hoop back together & dancing with it Demeter perfumes (Honeysuckle, Bulgarian Rose, Double Trouble…) “Shawty what yo naaaame is?” making videos of Hank (haha that video makes me laugh so hard) doing email interviews taking my vitamins (they make me feel really good) eyeing up my Christmas presents which I am not allowed to touch yet! It is torture, but good torture when The Dish feeds me the best parts of the ice-cream (heart) morning coffee expeditions into the icy tundra new hairdressers who are awesome & pick up lunch for you (Angela at Whistle in case you were wondering) video interviews with Mr Problogger (hopefully it will go live soon!) confetti Black Moth Super Rainbow (it is pretty much my new favourite thing & HELLO with a name like that, how it could not be, plus it sounds like Boards Of Canada if your ears were full of bubblebath)…

Quintessence’s young coconut shake (drool & super-hydrating, see also: REALLY GOOD FOR YOU) disco Pocahontas chic satanic schoolgirl chic the fact that iCiNG is three years old!!!!! going to the Museum of Natural History with Chloe (“Look! Heads!”) having an astronaut ice-cream feast in the Native American room delicious Korean food eaten while listening to Lily Allen & N.E.R.D. my tiny turquoise Christmas tree with white fairy lights & a Swarovski crystal-covered heart on the top Rodarte for Target (it is the delishimost) dinosaur skeletons thinking about making little Pterosaur hanging mobiles to attach to the roof (wouldn’t that be so rad?) looking at butterfly cocoons really closely (some of them look like upside-down seahorses!). By the way, if you are in New York City, the butterfly conservatory is very balmy & quite cute having a subscription to Time Out New York (I love that magazine) that Ellen Von Unwerth has a new book (it is insanely expensive but I am excited anyway, I love her very much) wearing sequins ALL the time the octagon horseradish meeting Le Dish for lunch explaining my style direction to Chloe & having her crack up my taxi driver telling another, “Behave like a grown-up” (!!!) I love itttt, Miss Manners in the driver’s seat new moon in Sagittarius yummies waking up smiling & having a love-fest false eyelashes wool stockings with holes in worn with big boots BjΓΆrk & also, I am very fortunate to have the best boyfriend in the universe. (Galaverse?) Viz:

Things I Love Thursday{{{SWOON}}}

Overall? I am really happy. I am super-excited about my life & everything in it. I have so much hope for the future, 2010 is going to be absolutely amazing & I’m really amped to end 2009 on a high note! I hope you are too.


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